Chatwork, online exhibition for telework support by 9 SaaS vendors

HatChatwork is a meeting of nine SaaS vendorsTelework online exhibitionHas been held.

"Telework Online Exhibition"

"Telework Online Exhibition"

At present, many companies are forced to work from home and telework due to the effects of the new coronavirus, and in reality many companies still have issues with telework. He pointed out that many events have been canceled, making it difficult to gather information. Against this background, it will be held online to provide information on telework.

“ Telework useful materials collection '' to release materials and articles on teleworking and telework from volunteered companies for a limited time and “ telework useful tools '' to introduce useful tools for promoting telework I have.

In addition, a “telework conference” will be held on March 19 at 13:00. Lawyers who support corporate telework and tool vendors who promote telework will gather as volunteers and provide explanations in the form of online seminars. Participation requires application, and capacity is 300 people. The participation fee is free. Detail isSpecial siteIt is published in.

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