Cheerful turbo! The popping Honda was also a symbol of our 80s | Honda City Turbo 1

City, which debuted in 1981, was talked about with its unique body shape. It was a Honda-like car that created new concepts one after another.

In 1982, a high-power turbo vehicle was added to ride the tide of the times. This is the birth of the City Turbo. Not only high power, but also a concept of low fuel consumption despite turbo.

Despite the high power of {100ps}, the low fuel consumption of 18.6 / L is the best value of the same power at that time. PGM-FI was introduced to achieve this low fuel consumption. The technology that was indispensable for later Honda was introduced for the first time in this city turbo.

PGM-FI grasps the state of the car with eight sensors, and determines the optimal fuel injection amount by an 8-bit computer with many built-in program maps. It was a system with control ability to exert optimal power under any circumstances.

Interior that wraps around like Honda

An optional thinly designed radio is mounted under the air conditioner.

City with the world's first body sonic seat where the seat vibrates. The door is fitted with a large-diameter 16cm speaker.

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Hachimaru Hero vol.12 December 2009 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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