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LawsonWe have summarized the information on new products to be released at.

Lawson new product summary (July 7)

Every week, we have compiled information on new Lawson products that will be released in large numbers. Let's get what you will check here on the planned release date!

* Product arrival time may vary depending on the store. *It may not be available depending on the store and area.

Cheese dock 2

The popular cheese dock is back and delicious! ♪ The dough is fluffy and the amount of potatoes has also increased, and the raw "2" is now on sale!

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 248 yen (tax included)

Machicafe Frozen Party Matcha

"Matcha" is now available at Machicafe Frozen this year. Matcha frozen, vanilla ice cream, warabi mochi, and black honey jelly topping make it gorgeous like a parfait.

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 340 yen (tax included)

CUPKE summer strawberry tiramisu

Summer strawberries tiramisu appeared in the cup "CUPKE" in the cup. I'm looking forward to the fusion of sweet and sour strawberries and creamy tiramisu.

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 315 yen (tax included)

Salted vanilla melon bread

"Salt vanilla melon bread" with salt cookie dough and cream inside. A feeling that sweetness and salty taste are likely to be habit ♪

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 140 yen (tax included)

Asahimatsu curry is a drink. Red curry soup

Red chicken curry, which is a classic popular menu at the popular curry specialty store "Curry is a drink." With habanero sauce, it is expected to be spicy with impact!

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 198 yen (tax included)

Pork shabu-tororo bowl (with rice cake) eaten with ponzu

Introducing a pork shabu-don that you can enjoy even in hot season! Charge the energy to survive the summer with pork, vegetables and grated yam!

Expected release date: July 7 (Tue)
Price: 530 yen (tax included)

A lot of interesting new products will be released! Of course, we plan to send a real meal review on AppBank, so please take a look!

Official site:Tuesday, July 7 | Lawson Official Website

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