Chemical reactions prompted in low temperature carbon dioxide as a resource available to faculty for research

Waseda University Faculty of Science and engineering of Sekine 泰教 given the research group is 22, and carbon dioxide from room temperature to 100 degrees units of low-temperature reactions of methane such as to switch into a resource to be developed and announced. Can,400 degrees high temperature under the reducing method, and the global warming suppression, which are expected to contribute to the.

【Here】Chem., precious metals required for CO2 recycling photocatalyst development for global warming prevention to light

This achievement is the 22 date of the”Chemistry Letters”in the electronic edition of the paper as published.

Of carbon dioxide into the resources of the research previously done from it,400 degrees of temperature under a hydrogen and a fixed catalyst, the chemical reaction by carbon monoxide and methane conversion method is known. This way the”power・to・gas”is called,in Germany, the practical use is progressing.

However, this method is you need, when you need the amount of recycling in a way that was not.

Research group,cerium oxide and the material on the ruthenium as metal fine particles containing of a catalyst, and then the current addition of carbon dioxide and electrolytic hydrogen is efficiently react methane and water to generate with. But at room temperature from 100 degrees units for the temperature in the reaction occurs, high temperature is required in Michael Lapidge, John Blair, Simon Keynes and Donald Scragg.

Group, a CE oxide current is applied to the surface of the hydrogen cation moving surface”project news”phenomenon discovered the carbon dioxide into a resource in the application. Conventionally, a catalyst temperature for the reaction can to wait for the”sound Princess from the sound to wait until that”technique was the development of the surface project, the new phenomenon in the reaction to promote”sound Princess from the sound as like”Method to do it.

Global warming to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is a global challenge, carbon dioxide recycling”to be the power・to・gas”is also leading the way is considered. In this way the generated methane is the fuel used,the carbon monoxide conversion is also possible.

At low temperatures the chemical reaction can be in the research group”at low temperatures in the required amount of resources and you can’t see what you are trying to do this, carbon dioxide recovery and the promotion of the use can be expected”and that.

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