Chen is the world's best V3 “I am honored to compete with Hanyu”

Nathan Chen [20 = US], who is the leader of the short program [SP], recorded 224.92 points in the first place for free, making a total of 335.30 points for the third straight victory.

In the final run, we succeeded in four-kind five-turn four-turn jumps, just like Hanyu Yuzuru [ANA]. Renewed the world's highest total score of 11.88 points, and recorded personal best in SP, free, total. After the 18th Pyeongchang Olympics [Pyeongchang Olympics], which took fifth place, a man without losing the international skate federation official tournament will advance to the beginning of a new era.


The 20-year-old during the second consecutive world championship was calm. The link that Chen stepped in was filled with a stuffed toy of "Winnie the Pooh" thrown in honor of Hanyu just before. “It ’s an honor to compete with Hanyu. He ’s definitely pushing me to be a better skater.” The man who always respects his rivals was silently prepared.

Free this season is "Rocket Man". Use the songs used in a film depicting the life of legendary British musician Elton John. At the beginning of the four-turn flip-three-turn toe loop continuous jump, five out of nine judges scored the best five points in terms of performance. Successful high-rotation 4-turn rutz succeeded and got on the flow. Accented the song with four types of four four-turn jumps, proving their ability to be “very happy.

At the 18th Pyeongchang Olympics, where a gold medal was also expected, he was far behind with 17th place in SP, and turned back free, but missed the podium in 5th place. Since then, the stability that stands at the top always stands out. “There was a mistake in the GP series, but I finally got a stable performance.” In the second half of the season, ahead of the world championship aiming for the third straight victory, the harvest was no more.

Enrolled in the prestigious Yale University in the United States and live a life without any scholastic work. Always bring teaching materials to international conventions. Even in competitions, I am not satisfied with my own condition of getting fat, and always have an improvement. Pulling on the male figure world, he proved the ability of the champion in the land of Turin.

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