Chiba and Ministop,3 November from the city-designated garbage bags to plastic bags to use for the demonstration

Chiba City and the Aeon Group’s convenience store・Ministop is a 3 on 2 from the day the Chiba City of the top 3 stores in the city designated burnable garbage bag plastic bags to be sold as the demonstration started. Chiba City and ION of the Comprehensive Partnership agreement based on the plan, 5 the end of the month, continue to demand that there is confirmed, full-scale implementation.

【Here】METI, such as the courthouse in the city plastic bag reduction for the experiment

The city designated burnable garbage bag 10 liters put. Ministop is 2019 Year 6 months started from the plastic bag charge of the experiment, received the goods at the time of purchase of plastic bags you wish to purchase shoppers, the conventional plastic bags and the city designated burnable garbage bag and choose one of them, the city designated burnable garbage bag to chose shoppers 1 piece 8 yen in sales.

Field tests were conducted to stores,美浜区 nakaze of the ion Tower shops, the tower offers shops, 稲毛区 稲毛東 of 稲毛東 Sanchome store. The city designated burnable garbage bag plastic bags instead use that waste plastic bags to the total amount, to suppress the plastic waste to reduce can.

The government is the containers and packaging recycling law of ordinances amended,7 on from of the bag charge for all retailers to oblige. Domestic plastic bags a year,about 20 million tons are used,1 year out of waste plastic around 2% to account for that. Environmental impact reduction effect is not so great, but the frequently used plastic bags to charge for this garbage against national changing the consciousness of this aim.

The only room leading off the biomass material to about 30%, and blended with plastic bags and 7 months from the introduction,charge to the policy revealed. Ministop is 2019 and 6 January from the city of Chiba in 2 stores in plastic bags 1 sheet 3 yen in sales of trials conducted.

Seven-Eleven, which operates seven&I holdings in 2030, for the group in the use of plastic bags to zero policy worked out. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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