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Chic autumn color! Enjoy Autumn Makeup with Lunasol New Color Eye Shadow "Lunasol Eye Coloration New 5 Colors"

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From the Lunasol 2020 Fall collection,"Lunasol Eye Coloration New 5 Colors"Appeared! 4 colors, chic and well-honed and texture, give the eyelid a three-dimensional effect. The chrome color, which emits a dull light, is first prepared, resulting in a deep, retractable eye area. Another feature is that even if you overlay other colors, the color will bleed from the inside. I tried to see what kind of makeup I could do with the new autumn color!

New autumn-colored eye shadow from Lunasol

Kanebo Cosmetics Co., Ltd.Make-up brand"Lunasol"Introducing the Fall 2020 collection! The theme is "NEW CHIC". It is a collection that expresses the world of modern chic, with distinctiveness, gloss, and endlessness. Among them, this time we will introduce"Lunasol Eye Coloration" (Limited 1 out of 5 new colors, price 6,200 yen excluding tax, released on August 7, 2020 *Limited quantity only for EX06)..

It is an eye shadow palette that creates a three-dimensional effect with color gloss bleeding by overlapping the chic and sharpened colors and the four colors of texture. The chrome color, which emits a dull light, is put in first to create a deep, eye-catching eye area.

There are five color variations: "07 Darjeeling Camel", "08 Mystic Mink", "09 Modernity Bordeaux", "10 Vintage Moss", and a limited color "EX06 Russian Blue". Chic and elegant colors like autumn. I am happy that you can choose basic, stylish, feminine, cool, etc. according to the impression you want to be.

To look like 4 colored shadows are overlapped and sucked in

Try the new color of "Lunasol Eye Coloration" immediately!

This time, I tried using "07 Darjeeling Camel" which has an impressive reddish brown like camel and black tea.

A at the top left of the palette is a color that adds dull nuances. B in the upper right is a color that adds depth to the color. The lower left C is a bright chrome color that emits a dull light. The lower right D is a color that gives depth that blends into the eyelids.

First, blur C to the whole eye hole with a thick tip. It feels smooth and moist like cream.

Brilliant brown with a little orange color! The metallic luster creates a wet, glossy and three-dimensional effect.

Next, insert D with a thin tip, slightly blurring it from the edge of the eye.

This alone is a cute finish!

Next, thicken B with a thick tip so that it is slightly narrower than the eye hole.

Next, take A with a brush and blend it with the border between C and the skin.

Reddish brown and Darjeeling camel overlapped to create a beautiful gradation.

Finally, mix C and D and use a thick tip to blur from the outer corner of the lower eyelid to the inner corner of the eye.

Even if you overlay other colors, the chrome color develops so that it bleeds from the inside, creating a three-dimensional eye with an elegant luster and depth!

It has a modern and chic look. As it is a refined and sophisticated look, it can be used for office makeup! I am happy that you can enjoy various expressions depending on how you combine colors and how to apply.

"Lunasol Eye Coloration New 5 Colors" is recommended for those who want to achieve modern and chic sophisticated eyes, and those who want to enjoy autumn makeup with a moist and adult atmosphere!

Products can be purchased from online stores and department stores such as Lunasol stores. If you are interested, please check the official website!

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