Chiemi Hori's real voice inspires storm on the net

Chiemi Hori [52], who underwent surgery for oral cancer [tongue cancer] in February last year, appeared on TV Asahi's TV program “Tetsuko's Room,” which was broadcast on the 7th. did. Impressed voices overflowed on the net.

At the beginning, Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, at the beginning, was deeply moved to tears when he faced Hori, and Hori also cried. "It was hard, but I'm back." After a major operation to remove more than 60% of the tongue, Kuroyanagi was surprised, "I can speak so much," although the words are not as clear as before.

When Hori was notified of stage 4 oral cancer, he said, "I was prepared to stay alive." Looking back on his life with various serious illnesses and many children, he initially stated, "I don't want to have any more pain after surgery. When I came, I was prepared to take myself and take me to that place.

However, his 16-year-old daughter cried, "Mom and I are only living together for 16 years. It's too sad that my mother's life is over." She has to live for her daughter, "she said.

However, after undergoing a tongue reconstruction operation, he said, "I did not close my mouth, my tongue protruded, and when I looked at my face, I thought," I can't go any further. " I should just live. "He was shocked by his unusual appearance.

Still, "I'm glad I lived because cancer has taught me many wonderful things," said Hori. Regarding my experience with many diseases, I said, "It all made sense. I think that being healthy is a wonderful thing, but it's like" Why me? " I don't think so. I have a very good experience that there are so many things that I can see because I am alive. I told my thoughts.

To the cheerful appearance of the moat, on the net “ Chiemi Hori was good, I was crying when I saw myself talking so hard 生 It was recovered so well It is amazing 「「 “ Chiemi Hori is glittering Everything is spoken very well "I'm sorry to hear this." "Come back," "Chiemi-chan is strong. I really respect him."

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