Child College entrance examination parents / guardians of the interest and the?

A recent report higher education research Institute,”the high school students and parents of the career survey”of the results,children to career advice and feel that it is difficult parents are often made. Students, the entrance examination system, etc. of information to our attention is that it was. These results, how they should be,and also to think.

■Children of career advice is hard to feel like a parent

1 month 29 days, the academic research Institute from the”high school students and parents Career Information survey”results were published. This survey is 2 years, 1 degree,recruit Marketing Partners and the National High School PTA Federation jointly carried out.

Surveyed high school 2 grade students and their parents at home, in the course of thinking about the city, searching for.

The findings in the child’s course selection advice about feel that it is difficult parents and have accounted for 70% of the way. [Figure[1] reference]

Also, parents of children education program is critical to think of the information a # 1,admissions information. 2nd budget,the 3-position is Faculty of information, so it was the perfect place for me. [Figure[2] reference]

■Guardian of the interest and the?

Here once again the diagram [2] take a look at. 2nd of tuition with information about the students that they need to use? In No. 1 of the admissions information, i.e.,admissions of difficulties and it is easy to enter the interest from some come. And the 3-position and,what you learn, and the Faculty of information coming in.

■What expertise and learn from is important.

Want to learn this and have a lot of information gathered as well,increasing the difficulty hand is not out to colleges from the exam makes no sense. When you think about it, the result of this is a nod to the.

However, the University High School, unlike the first expertise in learning that. Their area of expertise, How did you choose that aspect,admissions of difficulty to interest and, if the education of not only the nation as a whole problem.

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