Child of the market”leading theme”to think about (below)

“Work reform”continue to be the dominant theme, as in the stock market child it seems. Just”work reform”related to mouthful to say,its width is wide. The representative was viewed as some related stocks to examine.

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You to replace on your speaking,”software robot in a white collar business more efficient and automated system”. Kabutocho muscle is”AI, IoT to hear your day is here, as frequently pointed out, is the RPA. Yet fresh taste. This is literally a business revolution could not”and all that.

Known production line represented by the production in the robot by introducing the work of the streamlining and rationalization is underway. It’s”white collar”edition.

Representative companies,the name of one of the RPA Holdings (RPAHD)there. Currently, the major axis of business is the”business robot”software-type robot of outsourcing.

Machine learning and AI, such as cognitive function using BIZ Lobo,RPAHD in its appeal”(the labor shortage for social problems in the)left no・continue to work・changes in the strong mistakes will not be repeated”, and”already the government and leading companies in the introduction of advanced”as that. Incidentally,”the introduction of the enterprise during a year of paperwork time is 2 million hours reduced for the case”also.

RPAHD last 3 months, much fanfare in the TSE 1st Section listed on. Published just after the previous 2 month period”95.4% year on year,105.2%operating profit growth”for the current fiscal year also,”71.2% year on year,67.9%of sales, an increase in”stood up. But the disclosure only of 3-8 month period is the initial rate of progress against the”in 84%,83%”.

RPAHD is”with a view to expanding the range of BIZ slots mini introduction. Personnel of the employing business, including the deployment of up-front investment,”he explained. Full year forecasts have not changed. Mid term is”expectations not achieved”compared to the same period of the previous year,”31.0% year on year,1.1%operating profit growth”into consideration, the Deferred nod to.

Market price is 1200 yen late. 5 on May 23 almost recovered 3310 yen after the(6 at the end of the Month) 1 for 2 stock split. 7 month 2542 circle with the”no profit taking”rubbing contact situation. IFIS goal average than 1550 yen and the upper limit suggests. RPAND see, as long as the RPA is to be featured in a theme that is easy to imagine.

■(II)labor shortage

Labor shortage to make up one law as”the elderly use”is shown. In that sense”over the age of 65 of their employment”to advance the senior of the sideline・business, and focused on the staffing industry to the 3-position of the Pasona Group, such as at the beginning shares. Staffing industry Premier of HD, the group also worth noting that.

Or developer to the subject”construction management technician””CAD Operator”, such as staffing in the performance of yumeshin Holdings and foreign workers, 5,000 people closer to employment businesses of their registered and cast a look full of the most interesting.

Where author is”guest workers”in the true sense of Japan’s labor shortage shows that,from the viewpoint of University of Finance and Economics in the newspaper and story content to post there. The Abe Cabinet is in 2018 of the future”investment strategy”in the KPI(key performance indicators), as the”20 by the end of the Year 1 million of advanced alien material,22 by the end of 2 million of certified”aim for.

Promotion policy as part of this year 4 month, the new status of residence to”a technician”to get involved. Put simply, unskilled labour of those who accept it also paved the way. 5 years 35 million people near the foreign workers to expect more and to.

But in short, the accepting attitude of the will. “Cheap labor force”to focus on that alone, 画餅 end. In this sense, in 2007 foreign workers was started to be used to expand the restaurant chain story the IS interesting.

Details are omitted, the current China・Nepal・South Korea and other 9 countries 90 name near foreign employment. Recruitment start from 10 years after was not a”foreign Manager”was born. “Equal work, equal pay”is running,what more of a testimony I think to. (Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at)

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