Child of the market”leading theme”to think about (up)

12 early January,kabutocho walked. “Child of the market attention theme”is to check for. From the beginning, however, the grandmother from this story from listening to I am the Zodiac of the first child[rat], it appeared that despises that.

【Here】3 big data stocks you can

“God is an animal,the next year 1 November 1 gathering you. Fast forward to a reward up to from and said. Terms and conditions of the child are the Ox[Ox/I of the Zodiac]on the back of the ride, and arrive on the brink and jump off 1 Turn. The reward is the Zodiac of the best””why is the zodiac cat is not. The child of God can go 1 on 2 days and lied from. Since King eyes of the enemy by”.

Argument of the talk is that but since then my head is”children manner good. To fulfill the purpose of the lie about”the thought is being.

In”child of the market themes for in also,not to be fooled each”and Kayabacho area walked. 10 companies most of the inside and outside of the brokerage firm I visited. They will next year as the theme of the fingers, in 8 割方 is”5G [next-generation wireless mobile communications system]related to”first cited”in 2020, the mobile Major is 5G a dedicated line assigned to receive. 5G era. [Theme from]outside that not”and this continued.

“The Ministry of internal Affairs and Communications is estimated that in 2025 the 5G line is 11 billion surplus reaches of the world’s population, the coverage rate is 34%. The economy effect on the 46 trillion 8000 billion yen and that”.

Well, miss is not the theme. Already NTT DoCoMo in the year of the Rugby World Cup of video communication in the experiment to have done. NTT DoCoMo・Softbank・KDDI, the relevant representative of the company.

But already the mobile of the major stock trends early and incorporate the second half of this year since the rising trend has begun to fall. Pulling out all the stops on the companies that wrote even funny. At that thought.

[I] 5G of”super-fast””multiple concurrent connections””ultra low latency”with 3 big features is strongly generated from the technical field to what is.

[II]related stocks is still”lagging”feeling, and retail investors invest and 低位株 something.

Strategist is a”theme”followed by 5G related”I”and”II”is heard. I have”Autonomous driving technology”and”VR・AR technology”and”drone technology”and”IoT technology”is count them. Toyota and JR East is the first thing that popped into my head. II multiple test system from Anritsu’s name heard.

Incidentally it child quotes sayings is”prosperity”. The past 5 times less than sun ray 3 times,shade the line 2 times. The average rate is 22. 8%. However, the most recent in 1996 and 2008, the water difference as I’m afraid the only Yin line in the average rate of decline is 22. 9%. It’s only major theme stocks is that there.

Anritsu is a”communication instrument of the leading companies in the mobile phone and the base station to the strong”referred to as. The initial plan is”5G-related development is heavy”the reason from the sales [operating income:11% strength decrease 100 million yen] stood up. Is interim disclosure and at the same time”the full-year revised upward[the same:2.3% to 115 billion yen]”in the future.

That’s why the”5G-related mobile market development for measurement equipment enjoyed brisk sales. Particularly in Asia, the 5G development of demand in the first quarter exceeded the Outlook”for. “Base stations for the 5G signal strength of the measurement instrument development”as well, tell them. 5G related in the middle of businesses located in and. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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