Chimpanzee male is the music a reaction to your own evolution, Kyoto Univ research

Humans are genetically close to chimpanzees, the human intelligence and the evolution of the research in tips on. Kyoto University is 24, the chimp sound, stimulating the body to exercise that announced the discovery. Male individuals of the reaction is strong and at the same time turned out.

【Here】Kyoto Univ., rhythm sound for the human and chimpanzee similarities, obviously―closer to the rhythm drawn

■Animals common ground was music

Dance and choral, etc. music is a human universal activity, it. These activities evolutionary origins are largely unknown and.

The music and the reaction to it is human own culture and abilities, in the evolutionary sense is not given. In recent years, voice communication of high parrot is the music you dance to and there are reports, such as the animals shared actions is gradually revealed. However, non-human primates is the music not how much rhythm and movement as you obviously have.

■Chimpanzees on their own evolution of music reaction

Phylogenetic approach to the human closest to one of the species is the chimpanzee, however. Primate Research Institute, Kyoto University Research Group, chimpanzee rhythm sounds such as auditory stimulation,rhythmic body movement is elicited from a survey.

In a laboratory chimpanzee to the 8 beat rhythm of the sound 2, for 3 minutes let, where all the chimps of the body shaking and head shaking,clapping and foot stomping as rhythmic exercise was confirmed. Some uttered, that individual also confirmed that. Or video of individuals other than females reaction is large, it turns out.

In the Wild is between cooperation and defend your turf when sound using vision. In this research these observations match that.

In the human case, the sound of the reaction system between the remarkable difference is not seen. Therefore, humans of the common ancestor from after the branch to chimpanzee male is sensitive to sound and react like evolution, and spoken communication ability to develop and research a group guess.

In the future, humans or chimpanzees and other primates of musicality to further investigate this,the music developed evolutionary background and to reveal the new.

Details of the study, the United States, and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on 24 October Online posted. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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