China sets censorship for live streaming video distribution & prohibits use of foreign-made PCs by state-owned companies

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China sets censorship for live streaming video distribution & prohibits use of foreign-made PCs by state-owned companies

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The Chinese Communist Party distributes video in real time on the InternetLive streamingAnnounced a draft regulation on the Internet and took steps to further strengthen Internet management in China. In addition, it is said that a request to “replace foreign-made computer equipment used by state-owned companies with domestic equivalents” has been made.

China Tightens Grip Further on Internet Users, Mulls Livestreaming Ban

Regarding the draft regulation of live streaming, from December 22, 2019, the introduction of content review before delivery by censors is scheduled, and it is said that there will be a time lag of about 3 minutes from the start of live streaming delivery for review The

Sichuan-based Internet user He Kun said, “The Chinese Communist Party has long viewed the general public as an anti-government force. In fact, dissidents criticize the government online. No. If you do anything online that is against the government or prohibited, you will be bound in minutes. "

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The Chinese Communist Party is not only proposing regulations on live streaming, but also demanding that state-owned enterprises stop using all foreign computer equipment within three years and replace it with domestic production hardware. Former Professor Hajime Hajime of St. Thomas University in the United States pointed out that China has two purposes. "The first is, China is .2 one eye is to the appeal that there is no need to rely on foreign technology, as part of the trade war, look like Xi Jinping Jintao of China is yielding to the United States It ’s not, so we need to take some measures. ”

But New York-based China Science and Technology Association, Mr. Xie Jiao said, “China still relies heavily on foreign technology imports. Most of the computers used by Chinese companies and government departments, especially software, are imported. Is a high percentage. "Financial timesAccording to ChinaEstimated that 20 to 30 million pieces of overseas hardware need to be replacedThe hardware replacement is expected to be implemented around 2020. “The Chinese companies can develop their own computer industry, but lack of competition can lead to long-term quality problems,” says Mr. Ha.

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