China’s ADAS(driver assistance)・automatic driving sensor market,the government is rapidly expanding

Next-generation technology of the representative also said that self-driving cars. China is already the government-led development and dissemination of the schedule will be released,according to reports in the first 9 months of automatic operation service of commercial licenses in the private sector have been granted. This commercial license in driving can be a road only 28 km only fully commercialized and far from say,the license granted in commercialization efforts to accelerate China’s Autonomous areas in the top of the world to run this is no doubt.

Yano Research Institute is China’s ADAS(advanced driver assistance system)・automatic driving sensor market survey this year 3 month from the 7 month to conduct the ADAS・automated driving system mounted on the Sensor Market Overview, technology trends,the individual manufacturer’s business strategy, neither by 2030 in ADAS・automatic operation of the sensor for the market trend forecast report on the 5th announced.

According to reports,19 years in the Chinese ADAS・automatic operation of the sensor for the market is 2529 million 4000 million expected to reach to. Type of breakdown is 680 million 4000 million yen,camera 1561 billion yen, an ultrasonic sensor 288 billion yen. Radar 77GHz millimeter-wave radar and 24GHz quasi-millimeter-wave radar includes a camera sensing camera and rear/surround view camera including one.

18 years, 1 month, China’s national development and alteration Committee”intelligent auto creation of new exhibition strategies,”published 20 years, the”Intelligent Auto”share of China in new vehicles sold 50% of as,25 years 100%to goal raised. 20 years of mid-to-high-level ICV(intelligent network services)are commercially available and realized 35 years of China’s ICV to the world and announced a series of measures and regulations being introduced. Last 12 months”of the ICV Industrial Development Action Plan”in V2X 5G cellular communication adopting the stipulation, 5G-V2X about 22 years since the practical use and manifesting.

This flows from the report,30 years of China in the ADAS・automatic driving sensors market size of 1 trillion 8371 million 8000 million yen, reach up to predict. The breakdown is 4843 billion 5000 million yen,camera 6154 billion 1000 million yen,the ultrasonic sensor 759 billion 2000 million yen,LiDAR6615 billion yen. 30 years at the most the market size is larger for the LiDAR, and 25 years after Level 3 or higher automatic operation of system demand is growing rapidly, expected to be so. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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