Chinese Memorial Ceremony Film Stage Greeting

The stage greeting of the movie “70th Anniversary Ceremony of New China-Shield of the People, Power of Peace”, a project that Yoshimoto Kogyo is working on in China, was held in Tokyo on the 15th.

The 70th Anniversary Ceremony of New China held in Beijing on October 1 this year is a movie that was filmed from live-viewed images at 70 movie theaters across China.

“This work was broadcast live around the world by CMG using the latest technology,” said Mr. An Kyu of China Media Group [CMG] 's Asia-Africa Regional Language Program Center. “I would like to create a new content in cooperation with Japanese media.”

“We are happy to see the ceremony we watched on TV on October 1 with high quality image quality at the movie theater,” said Chow Bai ’s Public Relations Department at the Embassy of the People's Republic of China. We are blessed with opportunities for better development and improvement. If we can further develop friendships and cooperate in the film business, "he said.

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