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Citizen launches smart speaker compatible wall clock in the United States. Count down the Alexa timer on the board

Citizen has released an Amazon Echo compatible wall clock on Like Amazon's “Echo Wall Clock”, it has a function to set a timer by voice.

Echo Wall Clock is a wall clock that displays the remaining time in conjunction with "Alexa, set the timer in XX minutes" [in English], but Citizen's "Citizen Smart Clock" has the same function Equipped with. This is useful in situations where it is inconvenient to look at a cell phone or watch at hand, such as cooking or yoga.

However, Citizen Smart Clock uses a stylish design that is more similar to a traditional clock compared to Amazon wall hangings, and the remaining time is indicated by the blue LED placed on the minute hand. Instead, the cost is a disadvantage: the standard metal frame version costs about $ 80 and the wooden frame version costs about $ 90.

Echo Wall Clock was about $ 30 instead of a murderous design, so it seems that it can be judged whether the price can be tripled for a more classical design.

▲ Echo Wall Clock

Both Amazon-made "Echo Wall Clock" and Citizen's "Citizen Smart Clock" have not yet been announced or released in Japan. It is annoying that there is no product available in Japan before choosing which design to choose.

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