Citroen left abandoned for over 40 years | What is the estimated auction price?

The Citro エ ン n DS19, found in a tattered warehouse, is on sale at an auction in its home country, France.

In recent years, the popularity of Citro エ ン n has also increased, and DS has become an iconic among them. Most of the surviving ones have been restored and passed on to the next owner. This one, which has been exhibited in line with the retromobile held in Paris, France, is a convertible model that was shipped in 1965.

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It was owned by a Norwegian in 1968 and put into a warehouse to restore. However, the restoration project passed without a decision. Then, about 40 years later, it was discovered and exposed to sunlight. All have original parts, but most of them are decayed and require full restoration.

The original body color is dark gray and the interior is red leather. If you look closely, you can tell that the leather is red. An auction house commented that with careful cleaning, the interior can be left as it is. The mileage is about 78,487 km, which is about three years of actual running time.

Although it is listed as a restore base, its estimated winning bid is between € 70,000 and € 100,000 [approximately ¥ 8.4 million-¥ 12 million], which is comparable to that of other vehicles with good conditions. It could be a donor car, but that would be expensive. Take your time and take the time to the owner who will give you a careful restoration, and hope that the day will come when you can run well again.

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