Claim that "at least 36 kinds of intelligent life forms exist in the galaxy where the earth exists"


Claim that "at least 36 kinds of intelligent life forms exist in the galaxy where the earth exists"

Christopher Conceris and Tom Wesby at Nottingham University remember that humans took more than 4.6 billion years since the birth of the earth.Drake equationUsing "the earth existsMilky way galaxy"There are 36 types of extraterrestrial intelligent life forms capable of communicating with humankind."

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Drake's equation is a formula estimated by the American astronomer Frank Drake in 1961 to estimate the number of extraterrestrial civilizations that exist in the galaxy and may contact humans. Calculate the number N of extraterrestrial civilizations by the following formula.

R*: Number of stars born in one year in the human galaxy
fp: Probability that one star has a planetary system
ne: Average number of planets in one star system where life can exist
fl: Probability of life being born on a planet where life can exist
fi: Probability that the born life will develop into an intelligent life form
fc: Probability that intelligent life will be able to contact other stars
L: A period during which intelligent life can maintain contact with other stars

R*And fpWhat kind of number is assigned to such a variable varies greatly from person to person. Therefore, the answer of the equation varies from 0 to billions depending on the person. "This equation is more than a scientific formula, it's more like a tool for asking the question "how many extraterrestrial civilizations can be in contact with humankind,"" said Conselis.

It is said that the age of the galaxy where the earth exists is about 14 billion years, and more than 97% of it is said to be stellar with stars similar to or older than the earth. And it is thought that about one-third of the 97% of the stars can have a planetary system.

Also, for each probabilityCopernicus principleIt is calculated under the assumption that "the actual sample has the highest probability of being realized". Professor Conceris and Wesby showed that, like the case of the Earth, when intelligent life forms are formed between 4.5 billion and 5.5 billion years after the star was born, it is 4 to 211 in the galaxy where the Earth exists. Argued that a civilization existed.

Furthermore, based on the fact that the period for which human beings are using radio waves is "about 100 years", there is a high possibility that there are 36 types of intellectual life forms that can be in contact with human beings. thing.

Professor Conselis and Professor Wesby argue that the nearest intelligent life form from the earth exists 17,000 light years ahead, and it will be necessary for humankind to interact with such intelligent life forms. , Says it needs to sustain civilization for at least a further 6120 years. “We believe that the appearance of intelligent life forms that can make contact with humankind is similar to the creatures on Earth. We will not be shocked to see the appearance of intelligent life forms.” I suppose."

“I think this research is very important and exciting,” said Concellis, because for the first time we can potentially contact and discover the existence of other life forms in the universe, Because I was able to actually estimate the number of civilizations that were intelligent and able to communicate."

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