Claim that it is inevitable that price increases of PS5 generation big titles


Claim that it is inevitable that price increases of PS5 generation big titles

In the United States, the price of game software has been set at about 60 dollars (about 6400 yen) since around 2005. However, it will be released at the end of 2020PlayStation 5OrXbox Series XIt is reported that the price of game software released for the game will be higher than ever, and the game media Polygon explains the cause and impact.

The $70 video game is inevitable, but it’s not all bad news-Polygon

Game publisher2K SportsIsNBA 2K21Announced that it will raise the price of PlayStation 5 version and Xbox Series X version from 59.99 dollars (about 6400 yen) to 69.99 dollars (about 7500 yen). Polygon points out, "Costs for next-generation games are almost always high."

In fact, game designer Raph KosterInvestigationShows that game production costs are increasing year by year.

On the other hand, Polygon said, "It is not that bad that the cost of producing games for next-generation machines will be high."

In the first place, the game is a content that you can enjoy for hours or even tens of hours if you play it until it clears. A game that can be played for 20 hours at $ 60 (about 6400 yen) is more profitable than a movie in terms of cost per hour, and when $ 60 is raised to 70 dollars (about 7500 yen), economic efficiency is almost No change, Polygon points out.

In addition, Polygon argues that games have become cheaper for consumers as a result of the dramatic increase in features and density over the last 15 years, such as game graphics and online multiplayer modes.

According to Yoshio Osaki, CEO of IDC Consulting, a game-related research firm,AAA titleDevelopment costs ranged from 25 million dollars (about 2.7 billion yen) to 35 million dollars (about 3.8 billion yen), but in 2020, the development costs of $75 million (about 8 billion yen) to 100 million dollars (about 10.7 billion yen) The cost is swelling up to. Depending on the size of the studio, the genre, and the content of the IP, it may cost $100 to $150 million (about 16 billion yen) in production costs.

One of the reasons why production costs are soaring is that Osaki's labor costs are soaring. In areas where software development is active, such as the state of California in the United States, labor costs have tended to rise due to rising prices in recent years, so the development budget for games has expanded. Also, as the amount of development increases and overtime increases, the salary that the company has to pay also increases, which inevitably increases the production cost.

In terms of economic scale, the home game market is already smaller than mobile games and PC games, and it is unavoidable that the unit price of software will increase in order to recover the rising production costs. Meanwhile, publishers have tried various methods to recover the cost of producing games.

One is to release higher-than-usual versions such as the Collector's Edition and the Digital Deluxe Edition. The second isMicro transactionIt's a way to charge for the user experience, such as or a paid monthly service.

“Many home console users don't buy a lot of games a year. At most, they only buy three or four games a year, while spending more money and time on the gaming experience itself,” said Osaki. It has been done.”

In addition, Osaki CEO pointed out that the number of home game console users may increase in the future due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus infection (COVID-19). "The anti-social prejudice against the game is disappearing, partly due to the impact of COVID-19. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated many of the trends that were predicted a few years ago. And even after everyone is out again, I think the game itself will be accepted by society as a mainstream pop culture,'' said the home game market. Suggests sex.

Polygon said, "Next-generation home video game consoles are characterized by many technological innovations such as ray tracing and 4K gaming. Economic innovations will emerge in the future, and those innovations will affect users' wallets. "In any case, it's up to the market to play the released game," he said.

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