Classic car rally around 1200km in winter in Europe│from Italy to Switzerland

For the first time, 1000 Miglia Srl., The organizer of the classic car rally called “Mille Millia”, called the most beautiful rally in the world, held the winter regular race “Coppa delle Alpi” from December 4th to 7th. This is a route that travels about 1,200 km over four days in Italy, Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

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The Italian route is Brescia and the goal is St. Moritz, Switzerland, but the main route includes a frozen mountainous road. Among the approximately 100 participating cars that run through the cold air, the lineup includes Volvo PV 444 manufactured more than 70 years ago. In addition, various vehicles such as Porsche 356, Ferrari 250GT California, Volvo Amazon P120, Aston Martin DB2, Lancia Aurelia, Alpine A110 participated.

Proceeding in the extreme cold is not an easy battle for the car and for the participants. This is a life-threatening challenge, and we must be prepared for both. Some people participate in cars without a roof. While wearing a hat, muffler, gloves, and a number of jackets, the goal is to become one with the car.

Every day during the rally, all participants will have dinner at the cottages and hotels in the mountains. He enjoys every moment without showing his tiredness. I think that the beautiful scenery that can be seen every day has also strengthened the desire to move forward.

All you can see at the goal is the smiles of the participants. Those who completed the race with their own hands were especially happy at that moment. The winning Volvo PV444 was given the right to participate in Mille Millia in May 2020 along with trophies.

There is no doubt that beautiful scenery and unforgettable memories will be carved out of this challenge.

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