Classic cars parade in the city of Itoigawa, which is reviving from a large-scale fire in 2016! “28th Traffic Safety Fair Nihonkai Classic Car Review” 3

Another feature of the Nihonkai Classic Car Review is that the content other than vehicle exhibitions and contests is substantial. The "Joyful Rally" and "Traffic Safety City Parade" where the vehicles actually run are not to be missed. The joyful rally competes in a total score of PC competitions, which run as specified in the top diagram and "step on the line", and a CAR test that answers questions related to automobiles. Yuji Shibata, Aichi Prefecture, who participated in the 1968 Subaru 360 in a special competition that tested driving skills and car knowledge, won. In the traffic safety city parade, as many as 100 classic cars travel around Itoigawa, where reconstruction from the great fire three years ago has progressed, and appeal for traffic safety. The locals also cheered from the roadside and energized together.

The Itoigawa District Transportation Boys' Association calls for traffic safety in the venue and conducts fundraising activities. Participate in the parade with a local police marching band.

At one corner of the Fossa Magna Museum, racing suits and helmets used by Ayrton Senna were displayed.

"Auto Jumble" was opened by a shop related to old cars. Collector's items such as old car parts and mini cars were sold.

Nostalgic Hero Vol.196 Nostalgic Hero December 2019 Issue [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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