Clay Aaron Ryunami “Happy” 1st place passed qualifying

Clay Aaron Ryunami [18 = Soyo AC], who holds a high school record of 800 meters for boys and goes on to study at the American powerhouse Texas Agricultural University from September, passed the first set of 9 qualifying at 1 minute 52.20. ..

At the end of the first turn, he took the lead and pulled all the way through. He did not give up the top until the end and proceeded to the semi-final on 25th tomorrow. The actual fight has been since the race in Australia in March. "It's been a long time since I've had it, but it was fun," laughed.

Corona is also raging in the United States. Nevertheless, it is expected that he will be able to travel to the US in August as scheduled. Classes will be face-to-face and online "hybrid", but it's a relief. Keep in touch with your coach. "I'm ready to go forward," he said. At home I had an English conversation with my American father. I am not worried about the language. In addition, he is now studying technical terms for competition, and is preparing to adapt to the power of the world champion medalist last fall as soon as possible.

Clay won the Japanese Championship last June with a new high school record of 1'46.59. What I am aiming for now is a standard record of 1 minute 45 seconds 20 to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. "If I could do what I needed, I originally intended to break the standard participation record for the Olympics in the first half of this year. I was seriously aiming for the Tokyo Olympics. I could afford to postpone it for one year. I want to go to." 1 year postponed. It has a big meaning for the growing 18 years old.

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