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Clayman Clayman: The Mystery of Neverhood (1998) The Impact of a Speaking Scene: Ueken's "Now That Game!?" Vol.5-Engadget Japan


This is the second installment of the serial call title series, following "Burger Burger" that was taken up last time. I'm not sure if there is such a series.

There's a film called Kramer, Kramer [1979] starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, but it's also unclear if the title of the film hangs on it. What is certain is that the characters, backgrounds, puzzles, etc. in the video of this game are all made of clay. Naturally, the opening and the event movie between the gaps are represented by clay animation. Anyway, clay, clay, and this work of clay are genuine in the title. I remember reading the article that the creator brought a large amount of clay to my house and got angry by his wife, but I couldn't find the material this time, so I'm sorry if I made a mistake!

This game is an adventure game in which the player guides the main character, Clayman, to solve various mysteries and progress the story, but with a feeling that it is totally blurry, it seems to have eaten people by riding light and cheerful swinging music A gag on parade continues. I felt nostalgic for the texture of film shooting when it was released.

In such a muddy mood, when a key mystery is encountered, there are a wide variety of things, such as those with action elements, those that rely on memory, those that rely on sound, and they are surprisingly hard-lined. Be careful because some games may end in a single game! But before that, there are some easy-to-understand hints, so if you see it, it's a good idea to save and try.

And the recommended point of this game. There is a scene in which Clayman, who doesn't say a word from beginning to end, speaks only one word in the work, but everyone who sees it will think like this.

"You were like that!"

If you've never played this game and you're interested in reading this article, why not just start the game just to hear one word? Okay, let's get started or it's free time!


Engadget Japan

Clayman Clayman The mystery of Neverhood seems to be still available as a used item. By the way, the sequel "Clayman Clayman 2 Skull Monkey Gyakushu" is an action game with a fairly high degree of difficulty. Even though I'm not good at action games, I played hard because I wanted to see a ghost movie that would flow in between, but at the time it didn't clear. If you are good at it, why not try it?

Ueken's "Now that game!?" and other series


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