Clean up, sharp look into the name change behind the scenes

Monthly equity magazine in the kitchen of a major clean up:竹内宏 President of the interview and reading the article. Read After many years, is a Prime example of clean up of the home page at.

【Here】Daiichi Sankyo and Tokugawa Ieyasu

“Greetings”with the section in Takeuchi and lined 井上強一 Chairman of 尊顔 to long to worship you. Inoue 1949 born. I at the same age [he was born early in the academic year 1 first half]. Were not fat. Rude, and dignity of stature to have. At the same time it is Face・clothes are ragged, but”Father Like You”and,as many have thought.

My father, on the cleanup of the founder:the late 井上登 Mr. The founder is the current headquarters, is located in Arakawa-ku 西日暮里 in the land,and be a member of a low table with Seating cushions[low dining table and small portable cooking stoves]manufacturing and sales began in 1949. Currently 強一 President the year you were born. 1 unit on each of their shoulders wholesale muscle on sale as I was walking with. The time of its founding, the company name is Inoue table. Then, the incumbent’s Kitchen entered the field. The name of the company Inoue industry changed.

It’s not Inoue industry is to change for the 83 years of this. “Worktops””gas Board””sink”of system kitchen manufacturers and its presence has increased the time was.

強一 from Mr.”why, clean up its name changed, you know?”she asked you. The neck twisted, the”worktop・stove・sink 3 Piece Set, baseball 3・4・5-No. Stickman pursuant to the”cleanup trio”and it was well received,set the product name, I just”hear it. “Aha”and strangely impressed I can still remember that.

The founder the words to say”義理人情 浪花節/家族主義”of the Japanese people. Hometown in Fukushima Prefecture, factory in a corner of the Shrine provided,during his tenure, the deceased person’s Spirit Festival.

The officers of the income is glazed. Severe when Executive compensation specific cut shows the”bonuses deductions to forgive me please”, and he bowed. Even now employees of children’s Elementary School at the time of entering the”set to present”traditions have continued.

This old story describes a Taiwan’s Hon Hai Precision Industry’s subsidiary is restructuring to take sharp reminded me of. In 1912 our founder:the late 早川徳次 Mr.”徳尾 tablets”with belt buckles and invented the entrance was. Belt holes are unnecessary. Short and long freely screwed in can back we Belt.

It’s not Hayakawa Electric Industry Co. Ltd. is the world’s best-known and of metal out with a pencil[a sharp pencil]was the development of. In the United States album. Then the”microwave”and”Calculator”, etc., home appliances, and even growth to lay the Foundation for Hayakawa Electric Industry Co. Ltd. sharp company name changed, 70 years 1 month 1 day. 2nd President of the 佐伯旭 Mr. overseas division in charge of managing the time of the Proverbs of care was.

Feet frequently the US market to visit Saeki, he is always the same I run it. A sharp pencil is known for. “WHAT is a power”and the US returned to a situation in which change did not occur there.

There are times when,way back on the machine in the belly as well. “The neck is prepared,the President changed the company name to propose,”and,you. Returning home early,gingerly is”why”explains the”company name [sharpen]change”proposed. After Saeki Mr. pay. “The President, from the mouth of the”Do”word POPs out in seconds was. Honestly,anticlimactic or”.

Company name changed also, but it’s a good drama also. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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