Clearly that Facebook was planning to acquire a controversial tool by spying on iPhone users


Clearly that Facebook was planning to acquire a controversial tool by spying on iPhone users

Facebook brings 50 million users' data to consulting firm Cambridge AnalyticaThe problem that was being exploitedSince then, Facebook has always faced many privacy and security issues. Such Facebook has become a hot topic about spying on iPhone usersPegasusThe company that developsNSO Group"Said the company had offered to buy spyware.

Facebook Wanted NSO Spyware to Monitor Users, NSO CEO Claims-VICE

Facebook tried to buy controversial tool to spy on iPhone users, court filing reveals-9to5Mac

Facebook acquired security software company Onavo in 2013, and later launched the VPN app "Onavo ProtectHas been released. However, security researchers noted that the Onavo Protect was collecting user information and sending it to Facebook, after which the app was removed from Apple's official App Store, the App Store.

Facebook VPN application “ Onavo Protect '' is deleted from App Store-gigazine


Facebook has contacted the NSO Group, which develops spyware for government agencies, to develop this VPN app, Onavo Protect, and revealed that it had sought help. Facebook's attempt to acquire some of the NSO Group's spyware features is evident from the company's suit against the NSO Group.

“ Two Facebook representatives contacted the NSO Group in October 2017, '' said Shalev Hulio, NSO Group CEO.Pegasus(Spyware developed by the NSO Group) and offered to purchase the right to use some of its features. ''commentdoing. The testimony reveals that Facebook was looking to use some of the features of Pegasus, a well-known spyware, to develop the VPN app Onavo Protect.

According to Hulio, "Facebook officials did not appear to have been interested in purchasing some Pegasus features as a hacking tool to break into devices remotely, although Facebook was already manufactured by Onavo. It seems that he was very interested in how to more effectively monitor the terminals of users who have installed VPN apps. '', Says Facebook will use Onavo Protect to collect user information It is clear that he was interested.

“ Facebook representatives are worried that using Onavo Protect to collect user data is less effective on Apple devices than Android devices, '' Hulio told the court. “ And Facebook representatives said, “ Facebook wants to monitor Apple devices using Pegasus features and is willing to pay for features to monitor Onavo Protect users. '' "The reason Facebook contacted the NSO Group was" to collect user data for iPhone users. "

The NSO Group refused to sell Pegasus features to Facebook, but Facebook eventually released Onavo Protect, a VPN app, in early 2018 to collect user data. Although Onavo Protect was removed from Apple's App Store in August 2018, Facebook re-released Onavo Protect in 2019 as an app named "Research". The Research app was eventually removed.

The application that Facebook bought almost all of the user's smartphone data at 2200 yen per month was a problem, Apple blocked Facebook's internal application-GIGAZINE

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