Clearly the existence of an organization that provides the government with a hidden camera that looks like a tomb or vacuum cleaner


Clearly the existence of an organization that provides the government with a hidden camera that looks like a tomb or vacuum cleaner

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Surveillance cameras imitating tombstones, strollers, vacuum cleaners, etc.Special Services GroupBy the companyFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA),United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Authority (ICE)It has become clear that it is provided to government agencies such as.

This Secretive Surveillance Company Is Selling Cops Cameras Hidden in Gravestones-VICE

Independent political organizationsOpen The GovernmentFreddie Martinez, a policy analyst at the University of California, filed a request with the Irvine Police Department in California to obtain the Special Services Group brochure.Information disclosure lawNon-profit that assists governments in disclosing information throughMuckRockBeryl Lipton has also successfully obtained a brochure under the Disclosure Law. Martinez et al.'S 93-page Special Services Group brochure, the Black Book, contained a number of surveillance tools, including cameras.

For example, a product named "Tombstone Cam" is a remotely controllable hidden camera that looks like a tombstone. The battery lasts for about two days, and voice recording is also possible. The brochure states that you can easily move around. The following image is the introduction of Tombstone Cam actually written in the brochure.

A product called the "Shop-Vac Covert DVR Recording System" is a camera that looks like a vacuum cleaner and comes with a 1TB hard drive. The pamphlet states, "By connecting the vacuum cleaner's AC power connector, it can be used for a long time and can be connected to mobile devices," it does not explain whether the vacuum cleaner itself has the function.

In addition, special service group brochures also included movies and audio recording devices that appeared to be alarm clocks, cameras that appeared to be small tree trunks and rocks, and cameras that were hidden in strollers . "I never conscious of tombstones or strollers as hidden cameras," Martinez said. In addition to the hidden camera, the brochure included a surveillance camera and lens, and a tool that could duplicate an IC card to enter the building.

Following a request from the Special Services Group for comment, the company's lawyer sent an email claiming that the pamphlet was protected by the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), asking Martinez and others not to disclose the pamphlet. Was.

The e-mail also states, "The information contained in the pamphlet contains information that may be subject to civil and criminal liability by the public party, such as copyrighted materials and information related to confidential transactions. Please note that the lawyer claims that "publishing a pamphlet puts everyone at risk," but has no specific support for that claim. The content was not included in the email.

However, Irvine Police decided that the Special Services Group brochure was safe to publish and that publishing was a "public interest" and the brochure was released.

By cookelma

The Special Services Group did not publicly advertise its products at the time of writing.Company websiteStates, "We have not posted product information on our website due to your important mission. For more information, please contact us via the contact information on this website." The Special Services Group provides services primarily to law enforcement and government agencies, but is not necessarily the exclusive service of state organizations.

"I'm most concerned about the cost, size and features of surveillance cameras. Cameras are always cheaper, smaller and more capable, and only accessible to law enforcement," said Martinez. We don't always use surveillance cameras that are easy to hide. "

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