Climbing Narazaki "Pressure is Power" Aiming for Gold

The Olympic climbing world championship men's complex won a gold medal last August, and Chia Narazaki [23 = TEAM au], who was nominated for the Tokyo Olympics, attended the 19th season awards ceremony of the Japan Mountain and Sports Climbing Association on the 11th. He talked about enthusiasm for the production.

Narazaki, whose goal is to win a gold medal at the Olympics, said, "I feel like I'm finally here. I'm excited." After a job offer at the World Championships, he worked on body remodeling in October. "I trained my core so that I couldn't shake it." It is said that the thickness of his chest has increased and the shirt he is wearing has become tight. "I was afraid at first [for the body remodeling of this time], but the effect came early. The speed slowed down a bit, but it gradually came back."

He has become the world champion, but does not compromise on gold. "Not all [leads and speeds] have been the number one. I want to make it difficult for me to be the only one I can climb." Until junior high school students hardly practiced, saying, "I thought I was a genius." He was top class in Japan, but lost 15th in bouldering at the World Championship in 2015, saying "I was bumpy." "At that time, Akechi [my brother] was absolutely better," he said. In 2016, he won the first two Japanese men's crowns, the World Cup World Champion and the World Championship. "Now it's better to get what you wear," he said.

The theme of this year is "Keep growing without stopping." He will be participating in the Japan Cup of Bouldering in February. "I can't help being nervous. Turn pressure into power." 7 months until the Tokyo Olympics. Keep climbing to the top without stopping.

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