Coach Yasue "going up one step one step" to Gifu woman third round

The second seed Gifu woman appeared in the second round in the high school overall second place this summer. We won Amagasaki City [Hyogo] in an 80-54 order. He started off with a safe start for his third consecutive victory for two consecutive years.

Gifu started in the 1st quarter [Q] at 31-16, but in the 2nd quarter, she stepped down at 12-11. Captain SF Maho Hayashi [3 years] led the team with 22 goals and 11 rebounds in the 26 minutes 25 seconds. In the second half, he hit the opponent.

Coach Mitsuo Yasue said, "Deki is not very good. Hayashi and Fujita [PG, 3 years] were hard in the first game. Hayashi was a fair move as captain. The task is to score as a forward." Wearing. He envisioned the finals with Sakura Gakuen [Aichi], where the revenge of the high school overall final would take place, and tightened his mind to say, "I just need to go up one step to reach that."

Rival Sakura Gakuen also appeared in the second round and won the Hiroshima Kannon 117-69.

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