Coca-Cola and the world’s first complete recycling PET bottle recycling introduction

The world’s first attempt. Coca・Cola and Seven&I Holdings, the joint project expanding to seven premium”one[is]Green Tea Day One”, and 6 November 10 and complete recycling PET bottles used as a commodity to be reborn.

【Here】Tokyo Institute of technology, such as biomass from renewable raw materials for plastics synthesis of noble metal catalyst required

Complete recycling PET bottles and is something that,in a nutshell,the seven&I HD over-the-counter in the recovered waste PET bottles,with a made PET bottle uses only, or for seven&I HD to sell it at that. One of the secondary group only in the recycling is completed from the,”complete recycling”as well.

“One[is]Green Tea Day One”, the tea leaves stirring methods used for the extraction,nothing is low, you can drink and taste of the green tea. Reduce body fat that has been with rose hip derived from the property links to the side that it contains, from the functional to the food as specified.

Stores, Seven Eleven, the York, York, York Mart, Sogo, Seibu, such as nationwide, about 2 million 1,400 of the Seven&I Group stores.

Plastic of with a something and the challenges many, but the PET bottle is relatively recycling of”honor student”can. Originally high-quality plastic, and good maneuverability will be affected it is believed, PET bottle recycling Promotion Council, according to data from 2012 onwards recovery rate is about 90% and remained at.

Bottles sales volume for the entire recycling volume ratio, i.e. the recycling rate in 84. 8%in. Incidentally, the bottle from the bottle to the recycling, the entire 20%just to account for that.

Coca・Cola and seven&I HD of the two companies,the future of environmentally friendly product development and recycling scheme to continue, and. [Article: Fujisawa 文太・The article list to look at]

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