Coin Lockers ends with current members on the 23rd

The girl band “The Coin Rockers” produced by Yasushi Akimoto announced on the 17th that the project will be renewed drastically, and ended the activity with the current members on the 23rd live.

On the official website, “The Coin Lockers has been working together with the members and staff since the formation on December 23, 2018, aiming for a one-man SOLD OUT at Zepp Tokyo one year later. At the moment, the original goal of the ticket SOLD OUT has not reached half, and although it was a very difficult choice, we decided to renew the project significantly. Details of upcoming releases and activities will be announced soon.

Regarding the renewal, “The Coin Lockers 1st Anniversary LIVE @ Zepp Tokyo” held on the 23rd of this month will be the last live performance of the current members. There is no announcement of the selected members.The new system members after the renewal are as follows: Mirai Utsunomiya, Yuna Ami, Emily Kinumoto Natsumi, Goto Rika, Shimojima Terusei, Tamura Manami, Narusawa Manami, HANNA, Funai Misa, Matsumoto Rina, Mori Futaba, Yuu 23 The team and staff will continue to make preparations so that everyone who supports us will be able to enjoy it sincerely. There are only a few activities left, but we sincerely hope for the support for The Coin Lockers. It called for thank you. "

The band was formed on December 23, 2018 by 41 former AKB48 Tsumugira Hayasaka. Appeared as an opening act in “Rakuten Girls Award 2019 SPRING / SUMMER” held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba in May this year, and performed for the first time.

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