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Collected Animal Crossing, Sakura Bloom Until 10th. 14 kinds of limited recipes (balloon split tips)-Engadget Japan version

Animal Crossing

The season when the cherry blossoms are in full blossom at "Azumare Animal Crossing" will end on April 10 (in the case of Northern Hemisphere islands).

The cherry blossom series DIY items such as bonsai and furniture that can be made from Sakura no Hanabira will be dropped until tomorrow.

Although it is a game that can be enjoyed by the number of players, if you aim to complete seasonal items by yourself, the deadline for preparing all 14 kinds of recipes is approaching.

Easter has begun as the first seasonal event in "Azumare Animal Crossing", and there is also an element to collect eggs and recipes. On the other hand, the cherry blossom season, which is not a “seasonal event”, ends in 10 days earlier than the 12th day of Easter.

There are 13 types of Sakura series recipes besides “ Ohanami set '' distributed through Shimauchi broadcasting first, so if you choose the shura way of self-completion, just look for balloons before the end of the season You have to keep chasing and cracking.

Animal Crossing

Regarding elements that Nintendo has not officially published in the game or on SNS, it is speculation that it is “ probably considered '' or “ no strong evidence contrary to '' by the reports and observations of players all over the world But,A limited recipe for the Sakura series can be obtained from a gift that shoots down balloons across the island with a slingshot. (Some reports have been obtained from message bottles drifting on sandy beaches, but unconfirmed)

Only the first Hanami set will be distributed directly to the smartphone during the island broadcast.

How to get Sakura recipes efficiently from balloons

Basically, run around the island, look up at the sky and listen to the wind noise. Points to note and tips

  • Do not drop from striped Easter balloons.
  • Red, blue, yellow, green Any balloon is possible (yellow tends to drop gold only, but not certain)
  • Watch out for bad places. The bottom is scattered or disappears on water. Same as fruits
  • The position of the balloon is reset when entering or exiting the building. If you see it, break the balloon first before doing other tasks
  • Balloons emerge from either the left or right sea, depending on the wind direction, and cross the island.
  • The wind direction changes over a period of time. Now you can tell if you observe the sakura blizzard. As long as the wind direction does not change, the balloon always flies in the same direction.
  • On the clock in the game, it tends to appear near the sandy beach at multiples of 5 (X: 5, 10, 15 …)


  • Shortly before the multiple of 5, leave the building and head to the sandy beach on the windward side, and search up and down while paying attention to the sky and sound.

You can find many balloons and drop recipes as a result.

If you change the viewpoint with the right stick and look at the sky, you can see a little further and the left and right view will be widened, but you can not see from the south end to the north end of the island, so you need to move north and south while paying attention to the sound .

Or maybe you don't have to worry about it, just leave the couch in your favorite place and leave it there. At night, shooting stars can cross, so you can look up at the sky empty-handed and wait for both balloons and shooting stars.

(Pray the shooting star with A. Do not panic because it often flows continuously. If you are playing with a joycon, you can remove it and leave the Switch with the controller in your hand)

Either way, (on your own)No problem if you can't completeRather, it is also a fun way to get friends who have learned recipes you don't have or make gifts. Even if you don't meet this year, if you can see Sakura next year, you can say that there is still pleasure in the future.

In addition, about 90 pieces of "Sakura no Hanabira" required to create all cherry blossom series. If you follow the balloon and crack the recipe, you need to stock up if you do not have enough flowers

How to collect eggs and DIY recipes

"Gathering Animal Crossing" capture information summary | How to earn a bell at the explosion speed, replacement of residents, irreversible elements, etc.

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