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Collecting, moving and backing up animals in the forest is provided later this year. Initially fixed to the body that started-Engadget Japanese version

Nintendo has released new information on Animal Crossing's unique cloud backup and data transfer in conjunction with the February 20 broadcast of "Azumare Animal Crossing Direct".

The latest work from the series "Atsumaru Animal Crossing" released on March 20 is a specification that saves the island data (save data) on the Nintendo Switch body, so that up to eight users registered on the same body can play on the same island. . (Up to 4 players can play multiplayer at the same time on one main unit)

On the other hand, it does not support moving (moving) data to another main unit or saving saved data (cloud save), a function of the paid online service Nintendo Switch Online.

In other words, if you have a normal model Nintendo switch and a portable Lite, at home it is a normal model that you can connect to a TV and it is easy for everyone to play, such as a Lite that is easy to carry on the goYou cannot play with the same data by using the main unit properly. Even if you buy a new one, the animal forestYou can only play with the old body you decided firstIt will be.

Nintendo has been discussing this point on the product page, “ We are considering a function to back up save data in the original form of this software in case of failure, loss or theft of the main unit '' “ Only for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers "The response time is undecided."


In this Nintendo Direct FAQ section, the backup function was mentioned, albeit very slightly, in the FAQ section. According to the company, "a service that can restore saved data backed up to a server" and "scheduled for later."

The time is still undecided, but at least it has been changed from "considering" to "to be provided." In addition, it was reiterated that it was a “backup to server” method, although it was natural that it was necessary to subscribe to the online service Nintendo Switch Online.


In the Product Page FAQ updated at the same time as Direct,

"For Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, we are considering a function to back up save data in a form unique to this software. The corresponding time is scheduled for the end of the year. Details of the content and time will be announced again. I do. "Is explained.

Another item is that it does not correspond to user moving or save data moving.

"We are considering a function to move users and save data to other consoles in a form unique to this software. The correspondence period is scheduled for the end of the year. Details of the correspondence contents and time will be announced again. "There was also an answer.

In other words, it does not support standard "moving" and "custody", but both will be available by some means during the year.

Animal Crossing

As a collection of Nintendo's signboard series, "Azumare Animal Crossing" plays an important role in further promoting Nintendo Switch, so a specially designed bundled version is also available.

This bundled version was originally scheduled to accept reservations from February 8, but due to the outbreak of the new infectious disease the supply of Nintendo Switch was affected, so it was postponed to March 7 .

A model that produces and ships continuously, not a limited editionHowever, this special design is bundled with the fact that many fans are thinking about the switch debut just because this is a popular title, and the Nintendo Switch is expected to be out of stock worldwide including the regular version It's no wonder that the edition is also in a fierce competition.

If you can make a reservation but the shipping prospect is much earlier than the game's release date of March 20, you can either endure while playing around, or start with another switch body, and “ plan this year '' It is likely that you will transfer after waiting for the provision of your own moving service.

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