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Comfortable work space in 5 seconds! Ultimate laptop case

The AFU store has started pre-sale of multifunctional laptop cases on the crowdfunding service Makuake.

■ Protective case, PC stand, mouse pad 3IN1
1. 1. As a protective case to protect your laptop from rain and shock

This product is an ultra-lightweight ultra-thin size of 326g (* 13 inches) x 6mm. The material is polyester. It has both heat resistance that does not deteriorate due to the heat trapped in the computer and outstanding waterproofness.


2. PC stand that supports correct posture and heat dissipation

Raising the height of the display screen can correct the posture so much that it can be mistaken.

3. 3. No problem at any desk! Comfortable mouse operation with mouse pad

There is no problem even with a desk with no irregularities such as a glass desk. Ball type, optical type, laser type … Supports all mouse operations. It can also be folded when not in use.


With a more convenient large-capacity storage bag.
Mouse, cable, earphones … You can carry all the equipment together.

* Be sure to check the size chart and check the size of your laptop before supporting.


A comfortable work space in 5 seconds! Super convenient item, multifunctional laptop case

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