Commercial facilities,”the Grand Lumiere Tokorozawa”Phase 2,Lions approved of the buffet, such as nuclear stores

Sumitomo Corporation and Sumisho urban Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. is 25 days,9 early opening scheduled to Tokorozawa City, Saitama Prefecture some of the units of commercial facility,”Grand Lumiere Tokorozawa”Phase 2, The CORE 9 stores announced. Pro baseball Seibu Lions home and have a large screen to watch baseball games while you enjoy a delicious meal to enjoy,Seibu Lions first approved of the buffet restaurant appeared to be.

【Here】Daimaru Ashiya Shop, 3 month 13 days to smoke reopened Local Store makeover

The Grand Lumiere in Tokorozawa on the Seibu Railway 所沢駅 directly in commercial facilities, steel Basement 2 Floor 5 floors in total approximately 11 million and 6,000 square meters. Among them, the store area is about 1 million, 8,500 square meters, accounting for. Phase 1 as in 2018,the East exit of the station building is open, apparel, fashion, food and product sales, such as 77 shops that.

Phase 2 is about 50 new stores are planned. Announced 9 stores the Phase 2 of the core store, of which the centerpiece of 1 of the Seibu Lions official of the buffet restaurant”Lions buffet in the big dining”. Opens on the 3rd floor and the shop is a large screen or monitor to place a large number of.

The number of seats is approximately 130 seats. 1 the Army game is the screen or monitor to match video images projected onto a meal while enjoying the realistic plenty of baseball can be.

The other 8 stores, and proposal-based lifestyle shop”hands be”,”Tsutaya Book Store”List of”Isetan mirror make&cosmetics”for clothes, and Sundry of”the”Chocolate Shoppe”Linz chocolate boutique”, etc. Hands is Tokorozawa stores, and the other is the Seibu railroad, and its first branch.

Tokorozawa is a population of about 34 million people. Saitama is still,population growth continues,Tokorozawa parenting layer of the outflow to decline entering. Station commercial facility population will increase to stave off measures as raising expectations. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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