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Communication failure of bargain SIM "mineo" recovers, data interruption for 7 hours affects 800,000 people-Engadget Japan version

The communication failure of the cheap SIM "mineo", which had occurred since yesterday [February 11], was largely restored today [February 12] around 1:30 a.m.

As a result of this communication failure, data communication services for docomo, au and SoftBank lines were temporarily interrupted throughout the area, and voice call services were not available for users who use some terminals with specific SIMs.

The range of impact of the failure gradually expanded after the time of occurrence, and the number of failures was up to approximately 290,000 at around 23:20 on March 11 for the au line plan, and at around 0:10 on March 12 for the DOCOMO SoftBank plan 500,000.

The cause of the failure was a communication device failure, and details are under investigation. If the device is still unavailable after recovery, they are asking them to turn off their device and turn it on again.


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