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Compact and large capacity with 7 pockets. Multi-functional body bag "Orion" with 3D design-Engadget Japan version

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"I want a bag that is compact but has a large capacity"
"I want a bag that is resistant to rain and dirt"
"Both functionality and design are important!"

The multifunctional body bag "Orion" makes such self-fulfillment possible.

Unique 3D shape realizes all storage, fit and design!
PVC material with excellent waterproof and antifouling properties protects your important luggage.

Five points of "Orion"

▶ Compact but large capacity. Achieves excellent storage with 7 pockets.

▶Uses PVC fabric that resists rain, dirt, and impact.

▶The unique 3D shape fits your body.

▶ With a USB port that can be charged without opening the bag.

▶Future design that can be turned on and off.

I compared "Orion" with a general cloth body bag.
"Orion" using hard material realizes "slim but large capacity" by original 3D shape. Another feature is that it does not lose its shape compared to a cloth body bag.
In addition, it has waterproof and antifouling properties, so it protects your important luggage.

"Orion" is a multifunctional bag that is as light as if you are not wearing anything. With a thickness of only 5 cm, it contradicts the compact appearance and realizes a large capacity and excellent storability.

With this one, you can go anywhere. The contents can be put in and taken out smartly.
Such "Orion" is a perfect item for you who are active!

No matter how compact the bag is, it is not very practical as it can only hold a wallet and a smartphone.
The "Orion" has a unique calculated shape, ensuring maximum storage space. Not only wallets and smartphones, but also mobile batteries, gimbals, notebooks, pen cases, glasses, wireless earphones, etc. can be stored plenty of items necessary for going out.

Small items such as keys and earphones tend to get lost in the bag. If the contents of the bag are messy, it will take time to take out and it is not smart.
Therefore, "Orion" has three large and small pockets inside. It enables beautiful and tidy storage.

In addition, by arranging 4 pockets on the outside of the bag, you can quickly access frequently used items. You can experience a comfortable and stress-free operation.

● Front pocket

Pockets located on the front of the bag. Convenient for storing things you want to take out quickly, such as smartphones, keys, and earphones!

● Set-in pocket

Set-in pocket on the belt. Ideal for storing small items such as transportation IC cards.
*Because there is no chuck or lid, please be careful not to drop or lose it.

● Side pockets/free pockets

Side pockets…with zipper. Since it is on the side of the body, it has high security and is ideal for storing valuables. For storing small folding umbrellas up to about 19 cm.
Free pocket … for storing items that you want to take out quickly.

*Because there is no chuck or lid, please be careful not to drop or lose it.

PVC material is used for the bag material. PVC is resistant to water and dirt and has excellent impact resistance.

Peace of mind in sudden rain! Great for outdoor activities that easily get dirty.
It also has a shock resistance of 5~10KJ/㎡, which protects your important luggage from all external factors.

▲Even if you pour water on it, it won't penetrate inside the bag, so don't worry!
*However, it is not completely waterproof, so please refrain from using it in water or when it is exposed to rain for a long time. After getting wet, wipe off the water as soon as possible.

▲ Even if the bag gets dirty, just like this! It can be easily removed just by wiping.
* Depending on the type and degree of dirt, it may not be removed by wiping.

▲Hard material protects the contents. Even if the bag containing the biscuit is dropped from a height of 1 m or more, the biscuit has no scratches.

"Orion" is a unique 3D shape that combines hard and soft materials. This unique shape creates a great fit.
By arranging three hard fabric parts in an L shape, the bag deforms according to the movement of the body. It frees you from the strain and stress inherent in body bags.

"Orion" is packed with other details.

● Wide belt reduces shoulder strain

Wide belt with excellent cushioning is used. Distributes pressure and reduces strain on the shoulders.
In addition, the lining mesh material reduces stuffiness in summer. You can use it comfortably all year round.

In addition, the shoulder belt can be adjusted with a buckle. It can be freely adjusted between 84 cm and 107 cm.

● USB charging port

Equipped with a USB port on the side of the main unit. Simply connect your mobile battery to the included cable and set it in your bag. You can charge from the outside without opening the bag.

*Mobile battery is not included.

●Waterproof/dustproof fastener cover

A zipper on the outside of the bag comes with a waterproof/dustproof cover. It blocks water and dust from entering between the fasteners.

With a stylish design that makes you feel the near future, the Orion is a versatile item that suits not only casual off-fashion but also adult suit styles.

Also, the point is that you can use it for both men and women. The coordinates will be upgraded fashionably!

Female use example: Cool and sophisticated atmosphere

▲A versatile item that can be used for various occasions such as commuting, school, and leisure.

▲ The “Orion” is light and easy to move, making it ideal as a travel bag.

▲It has excellent waterproof and antifouling properties, so it can be used outdoors.

▲For cycling!

▲The charm of "Orion" is that it can be used in various ways♪

◆May 2020 Crowdfunding started

◆End of July 2020 crowdfunding

◆September 2020 domestic delivery schedule

We are looking for media and influencers who want to review "N series Orion body bag" ♪

■ How to apply
Please write ""N series Orion body bag" for review" in the email title and contact us at the address below. In the text, please introduce yourself briefly.
Email address:

■Contents for which the winners will cooperate
Winners will be announced when a product sample is shipped.
The winning bidder, the prospect of two weeks after the commodity sample arrives, we will publish product reviews in the social media, which is activity.

We would be happy if you could feel free to contact us.
We are waiting for many applications. Thank you very much.

Q. Is it okay to soak it in water as it is waterproof?
A. It is not completely waterproof, so please refrain from using it in water or when it is exposed to rain for a long time. After getting wet, wipe off the water as soon as possible.

Q. What should I do when I get dirty?
A. If it is very dirty, wipe it gently with a wet cloth. Please do not put in the washing machine.

Q. Is a mobile battery included?
A. The connection cable connecting the mobile battery and USB port is included in the bag, but the mobile battery and cable are not included.

Q. How much heat can you withstand?
A. PVC material becomes viscous at temperatures above 180°C, so please refrain from leaving it on a dashboard in the hot sun if possible.

Q. Warranty and replacement
A. Except for failures caused by the customer's willfulness or negligence, we will replace the product after we bear the shipping cost if it is found to be an initial failure.


TAJEZZO is a bag specialty brand, independent of the "Travel Innovation Lab" of the leading Chinese design company "Tao-design". Launched by outstanding industrial designers who have won over 100 Global Design Awards.
His various tastes, including space, vehicles, and fitness sports, have a creative impact on brand design.
TAJEZZO will continue to strive to develop safe and smart wearable products that fuse technology and fashion.

# Story

"I want a bag that can hold all the things I usually use (cell phones, mobile batteries, wallets, folding umbrellas, car keys, card cases, etc.), while being lightweight, easy to carry and sort."
In order to respond to such feelings of everyone, we spend time,
We researched the height and body shape of Asian people and created 7 prototypes.
As a result, this L-shaped design finally arrived.

Uses PVC material to ensure waterproofness and robustness.
The design that combines triangles fits the side curve of the human body at the same time,
You can firmly protect the internal items.
The shape of the bag you care about does not change,
You can enjoy it as a trendy fashion due to its practicality!


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