Company inspection, mandatory compliance with energy-saving standards = In FY2013, the scope of special provision No. 4 will be reduced and unified to non-wooden scale

On October 29, the Building Subcommittee of the Social Infrastructure Development Council of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism held a joint meeting of the Building Environment Subcommittee and the Building Standards System Subcommittee. We discussed how it should be.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has proposed that the mandatory compliance with energy conservation standards will start in 2025. In order to reduce the burden on the applicant side and the examination side, which are of concern, the building manager / designated confirmation inspection organization will confirm the conformity with the energy saving standard in the building confirmation, and will promote the simplification and rationalization of the specification standard.

After submitting the energy-saving performance assurance plan to the local government, etc. and receiving the conformity judgment notification, the energy-saving standard conformity examination of the detached house confirms the specification standard and simplifies it in the same way as the barrier-free standard conformity confirmation. Those who try to consider that.

Of the structural safety confirmations for small-scale wooden buildings, the omission of examination of structural strength-related regulations, the so-called No. 4 special case, was also discussed, and the scope of the special case system was reduced, that is, the scope of building confirmation and inspection was expanded, and the current situation It was proposed to unify the target scale of non-wooden buildings.

The policy is to improve the system on the examination side.

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