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Evolution does not stop year by yearconvenience storeFrozen food. When I say, "I can't cook by myself today!", it's a transcendent presence, and I don't know how many times I've helped. Not only side dishes such as fried chicken and croquettes, but also main dishes such as fried rice and pilaf are sold in a wide range of genres.

This time,Lawson·seven·FamilyI tried to compare the taste, price and calories by actually eating and comparing "Frozen Ebi Pilaf"! On the day when you thought, "Let's finish with frozen shrimp pilaf from a convenience store tonight!", please refer to this article and choose the one that suits your taste and mood♪

Eating frozen prawn pilaf from Lawson Seven Famima! First check the price and calories

The following 3 products will be compared this time. First, let's check the price and calories.

・Lawson|Shrimp Pilaf 138 yen (tax included)|278kcal(180g)
・Seven|Buttered Shrimp Pilaf (cup) 213 yen (tax included)|284kcal(170g)
・Famima|The taste of shrimp! !! Shrimp Pilaf 150 yen (tax included)|263kcal(170g)

Price department wins Lawson.. Compared to the highest seven, there is a difference of about 70 yen! Lawson seems to be a good choice when it comes to saving money.

Looking at only the price, Seven is overwhelmingly disadvantageous compared to others. but,Seven is number one in the convenience category.. The reason is in the "cup". It's super convenient when you're eating outside without having to plate it, as you can just chill it in the microwave in a cup. Of course, if you try hard, you can eat the bag product as it is, but it is more convenient to use a cup that is easy to stand on its own. I think that the option of buying convenience for money is also very useful!

In the calorie department, there is no big difference between Lawson, Seven, and Famima, and honestly, almost any choice does not changeWould be Those who are worried about by 10kcal unit should choose Famima.

Next, let's check the taste that interests you!

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