Competitive with modern cars! One with sufficient performance while retaining the classic taste

The MGB is the best-selling car produced from 1962 to 1980 as a male sports car. While the MGA, the predecessor model, was an open car with a classic styling with an old style ladder frame, the successor model MGB transformed into a convertible car with a modern monocoque body and a modern exterior design I did it.

The United States was one of the main markets, so in Japan there are many urethane big bumper versions of vehicles manufactured after late 1973. The basic model of the MGB is a 2-seater roadster [tourer], but a coupe type GT that was fast-backed by Pininfarina, a GT V8 with a V8 engine mounted on that GT, and an MGC and MGC GT with in-line 6 cylinders Such variations exist.

In particular, the GT V8 [coupe only] loaded with a 3.5-liter Rover V8 OHV, originally developed for GM Buick, has a total production of approximately 2500 units and is one of the rarest members of the MGB series. The 3.5-liter aluminum V8 engine, which is 40 pounds lighter than the 4-liter engine alone, has gained popularity because of its balanced and powerful driving.

And we introduce MGB currently sold in Japan. At first glance, if you hear a typical British green MGB tourer, and even based on the 77 model year, you might think it's a common conversion type from urethane bumper to plated bumper.

However, if you look closely, there is a V8 character on the grill. This is a very rare one based on the 77-year MG B Tourer [Roadster] with a rover powertrain for the GT V8 and a 73-year MGB GT V8 specification. Conversions have been thriving in the UK, but in Japan there are few, if any, conversion specifications.

What's more, this one has a great conversion history. The base was a tourer in 1977, and a Japanese specialty shop ordered a British specialist in the mid-1980s. After importing the powertrain [engine and transmission] with the V8 specification, it was first modified to the popular and classic Mark 1 specification. The front hood is made of aluminum, the exhaust manifold is for the V8 GT, and the muffler is a one-off original. It incorporates the LSD for the RV8 that appeared later, and the front and rear springs of the BMC competition.

The current owner got this one in the mid 90's. Although he started his British sports car life with MG B, he felt that the escape acceleration after cornering was not enough. Just lose the low-speed torque when you tune the engine. Then I saw the V8 conversion that was sleeping in the shop.

What was the Mark 1 specification at the time of purchase was remodeled to the MY74 specification of August 1973 when GT V8 appeared, equipped with wheels for 14 inch GT V8, the iron plate under the rear lamp which is a feature of plated bumper specification The seams are reproduced, and the seams at the front of the trunk are erased. The painting on British Green was done in Japan. The original was dark red.

If you close your eyes, you can only think that the American V8 has arrived, and the condition of the institution is in excellent condition. Especially when the secondary butterfly of the Holy cab opens after about 3000 revolutions, it sounds sensual without saying anything. It is more than enough for a small MG B Tourer, because it actually showed 165ps and 26.3kg-m in actual measurement.

The interior and exterior conditions are age-appropriate, and the body has dents and scratches, but it is also one of the outfits [the hood was replaced two years ago]. You'll get a hard-to-find experience that lets you enjoy the classic ambience and enjoy the performance of a modern car. The owner also comes with a collection of 60 MG B catalogs collected by the owner over the years.

Vehicle information provision: CARZY [text: Jun Nishikawa Photo: Yukio Yoshimi]
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