Complete the G-SHOCK Shichifukujin model at once! This is a lucky bag

How many people have completed all seven types of “G-SHOCK Shichifukujin Model”, which has been on sale since October 2018 on the moon? The last one was released in March 2019, and as of December 2019, there is no choice but to search for distribution inventory.

The chance to get such a G-SHOCK Shichifukujin model at a stretch came.

  • G-SHOCK Shichifukujin model

At the watch shop “Tic Tac” [Tokyo Solamachi East Yard, 3rd floor] that is open in the Tokyo Sky Tree Town shopping mall “Tokyo Solamachi” Rediscover!

The price is 135,300 yen [excluding tax], only one set. Sales will start from January 1, 2020. A true “lucky bag”, the price and number of hurdles are high, but if you missed the purchase and regretted it, why not challenge? It is said that all seven types are enclosed in the original package.

  • G-SHOCK Shichifukujin model

G-SHOCK Shichifukujin model is in charge of artwork by Mr. Yukazu Nosaka who is active in multi-skateboarders and painters. There are the following seven models based on the Shichifukujin theme. Report article of the presentation introducing the actual machine photos of each modelG-SHOCK "Seven Lucky God" advent! Seize your profit!

  • Ebisu God [G-7900SLG-4JR]
  • Benzaiten [BGD-560SLG-4JR]
  • Hofuson [DW-5600SLG-7JR]
  • Bishamonten [DW-6900SLG-1JR]
  • Daikokuten [GX-56SLG-1JR]
  • Kotobuki [DW-5700SLG-7JR]
  • Fushou Kotobuki [GBD-8000SLG-3JR]

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