Computerized system for loans guaranteed after payment payment services”DSK, pay later”start

*17:26JST operation system—loans guaranteed, pay later payment service”DSK, pay later”start

The computer system<3630>Is 2 on the 27th,a subsidiary of DS technologies by loans guaranteed, pay later payment service business”DSK, pay later”to 2020, the 7 to start in May announced.

Specific service description is the buyer, the payment method as DSK, Pay Later is selected, the operator is the buyer of the credit examination the computer systems group[DSK Group]to ask. Results operators to answer,shipping by receivables from the operators DSK Group to move. Goods arrive by DSK Group the price companies pay in advance, the purchaser is to be paid to bring, the DSK Group to pay that.

7 months to the scheduled start of the service prior to the pilot deployment to do with an early enhancement of aims to achieve. In the future the accumulated paid-up placed out of service expertise DSK Group is a comprehensive deployment, payment services and from the introduction General operation can provide this year. and to. 《SF》

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