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*11:30JST condiments for:investors from profits by a company to the absolute necessary elements? 【FISCO social Reporter】
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※2020 Years 1 month 15 days 7: 00 a.m. in writing

Good Morning. Condiments for at.

Investment stocks in determining the financial statements to read in the company analysis, chart analysis and the various methods in the brand name to narrow down the go I think. Recently, another important element as a good investment destination (company) in choosing a good management that is also important for thinking.

■The President of the company is good management of it?

For example, the current business and the business environment was good as well,for several decades the growth rate,current profitable products and services that may in the future decline may be expected,developing a new product or service parallel you’ll have to do. Status quo and complacency should not always maximize profits and to consider the management if skills performance is also great, resulting in higher stock prices, and shareholder dividends other reduction measures will continue as will.

Also, the managers, the shareholders responsible behavior is demanded. Their own remuneration and stock options, such as self-interest, pursuit, or inconvenient facts that occurred during the(decline or trouble, etc.) holding my breath the storm out waiting for that position and that managers are out of the question now. Also,shareholders and stakeholders against the interests of honesty it should be I think.

元村上 Fund 村上世彰 his book,”among the managers is the growth of the company and shareholders to maximize profits for management and shareholders is to run it on high-man consignment of the target (the Executive)and appointed going to be the Japanese management has been appointed to a sense of dilution in cases where, such as”the opinion said. That is,”their own instead of the companies to leave it to such credit to the person as the Manager appointed should be”can’t it be said.

Also, the U.S. investor Philip Arthur Fisher, of their own experiences,”equity investments in large profits in the hands for excellent managers that have a high potential company to invest in,”said for it.

■Good management companies to determine whether?

Their investment as business owners and are excellent managers of whether how to judge the I do that? In this regard, it is perhaps, the shortest way there is no such thing as.

For example,
・The shareholders ‘ meeting to carry the foot directly to the managers spoke of the shareholder and to confirm or make.
・WEB sites and magazines such as the attitude of managers and speak to check.
・Managers to disseminate the book, Twitter, blogs, etc to check.
・Store and service experience, the management of which originated the philosophy and slogan to it?
Such as,steady yourself and make sure you can try.

A very troublesome act in their own precious funds, over time convinced you can invest in companies of from, including this thorough corporate investigation to go to, and recently think.

Daily writing in a blog, The chart image with in the stock market are attracted by the theme stocks and individual stocks such as analysis.

Once blog, and I also just appreciated.


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