Confusion to the College entrance examination, so that early essay measures

■Early and short essays exam is taken to increase opportunities for local

University students decreased year by year,the College entrance examination is, on the whole, getting into College or make. The Metropolitan private universities as the center,the College entrance examination of the situation is confusion to have deepened.

【Here】The College entrance examination”a summary”the power of mastery class

The Metropolitan Adult Center use by successful applicants of the border line,Rikkyo,Meiji, Aoyama, across the Board in 9 割前 after the abnormal situationThat is. Examination of A judgment such as what is not.

College admission common test of the vagus,the Metropolitan adult of 難化 trend, receiving AО admissions recommendation admissions in early to decide how the trend is in that. So, the chance to spread the demand,from the early stages of essay measures your.

■AО entrance exam→recruitment recommendation admissions > General admissions at the chance to spread

Finally the Metropolitan area my No. 1 choice is even, the Provincial Public large AО admissions from the challenge to. Metropolitan area my top AО entrance examination is a national championship winning level, such as special abilities for AО admissions from the start, the provincial public universities is located in.

That said, AО admissions, it is less for a high magnification that often. It is also why AО admissions from exam to begin as early statement of purpose writing interview receive, and short essays to start the scene, early experience can be.

“I,AО was…”it is a fold only,1 degree oral examination in the field of University teacher from the US I had continued to write up the offering on the recommendation of each of you.

In addition, University students take the essay, then tend. So, early from short essays to start the benefits are immeasurable. Keio University is the No. 1 choice is that students early from short essays to begin, but it is not the ordinary students,around recommendation when people talk about myself Maybe I should try it,and think, recommendation to sit for examinations. At that stage,”essay”there, and I have short essays to.

I began to write, and I write. What not write and configuration and the representation techniques that is not. Its like a little practice if you like to.

Conclusion the uniqueness of such as it required. Your themes or conclusions, such as of common sense to know that. “But the others are different opinions…”and think the students are,after all, the reasoning can not end there.

College entrance essay How also not of,”Internet”, ie the basis for conclusions, based on reasoning that is. Common sense in their conclusions have mentioned that. It to a third party in order to convince the objective backing [evidence]you need. Everyone knows that, objectively established facts,i.e. specific examples that argumentation is essential.

“Grandpa is old…”personal facts and objective backing to have. “From a person I hear…”hearsay it is Fact or not. Clear evidence of time, of space in the established facts only.

“Time”in the flow of the established facts of”history”and the”space”of the spread of the established facts and”news”. Essay is crucial to write your students have in common is that the writing technique is not. This evidence,demonstrating the”business”is definitively missing that.

■Essay exam! The”star”time to collect your

Early AО admissions from the essay measures began to the students, their argumentation to”the Internet”is not and can be noticed. “Political””science theory””life theory”, such as”well?” And the number of head in a spiderweb-shaped network is made of many.

You and Japanese history,world history lessons, Newspapers, network news, the network caught on that. Every day, passing all the information of essay and click it. So, from the early essay measures but the chances of that.

AО entrance examination for units, the recommendation in the challenge. General admissions it was from the National medium-term,late challenge as well. It exam opportunity is 2-fold,3-fold increase. Most of the students there, then you essay measures at an early stage and begin of significance is immeasurable.

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