Congratulations on Citroen's 100th anniversary! Recommended for reading "CITROËN ORIGINS"

Citro エ ン n, founded in 1919, celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019. To celebrate this, "CITROËN ORIGINS / 100 Years of Citroen" was published as a special edition of Octane Japan.

When you turn the page, successive models and related people, unique promotions, culture and spirit full of sense, special features of classic models shot overseas, owners clubs and events, special shop introductions etc. are mainly developed in chronological order, and one volume By the time you finish reading, you will be fully immersed in the flow of Citroen's 100-year history.

This book contains all the charms of Citro メ ー カ ー n, a manufacturer that has been sending unique and original cars to the world since its inception. It is a recommended book as a preservation version because it has a total of 126 successive model guides including the latest model at the time of publication.

The various contents are as follows. At the end of the 100th anniversary of Citro エ ン n and at the dawn of the 101st anniversary, why not immerse yourself in the world of Citro エ ン n on this New Year holiday?

[FEATURES]Citroen attracts global collectors | Peter Maran
100 years of originality and innovation | Citroen's history
Provence wants to travel in a snail pace | 2CV
Travel with the Greek goddess | D Super
The Treasure T-bar | SM Espace
Brilliant One for VIP | CX Prestige
Citroen conservatoire
100 years of Citro エ ン ns in Paris | Retromobile

[CARS]Memorable first model that realized modern mass production | 10HP Type A
Abundant variations available, Europe's first all-steel body | Type B
An elegant compact passenger car with four cylinders | 5HP Type C
First car beyond Sahara | Autochenille
4-cylinder & 6-cylinder in the "graceful era" with many bodies | C4 / C6
"Last rear-wheel drive" nicknamed speed recorder | Rosalie
Embody the true "avant-garde" with innovative technology | TRACTION AVANT
Citroen, an individualist from all over the world

[NEWS / INTERVIEW / NEW CAR]Geneva show singing "Freedom!"
Continuing to support "freedom of movement" | Linda Jackson
Arno Peroni continues to be the ultimate in comfort

[COLUMN]The night before Showa dawn. Japanese motorization is yet to come.
Japan's "Burn Find" has fallen asleep again

[ART / CULTURE / LIFESTYLE]“ Citroën '' drawn by aircraft
1927 Paris Motor Show poster
AUTOMOBILIA | Andre Lefevre and Citroen
Citroen goods to pass on to the next generation | Yohei Otsubo
TINTIN's name supporting role loved all over the world | Tintin and Citroen

[DEALER / PARTS]Experience "La Maison Citroen" at a regular dealer
Clever choice of consumable parts replacement "Generic parts"
Reason why popular used car "Citroen Select" is popular
Citroen dealers nationwide

"CITROËN ORIGINS" is a national bookstore, internet,Amazon,Fuji Magazine ServiceNow on sale elsewhere.

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