"Continuity" that defines Porsche's design

There will be no cars with a more consistent design lineage than the Porsche 911. It has been a model that has maintained its unique identity since 1964, across generations and years.

Considering the current 911 (992), it is clear that the concept of "continuity" aims to define Porsche's design. Porsche's styling focuses on the essence of a sports car, and this philosophy has been passed down from Dr. Ferdinand Porsche to his son Ferry and his grandson Ferdinand Alexander.

The design of Porsche's sports car design is evident in the Volkswagen Beetle model and in the Porsche 550 and 904. Overlaying the silhouettes of the various models 356 and 911 clearly shows that all Porsche models have a common design expression.

The display, which focuses on the "continuity" of the Porsche Museum to visualize it, has focused on the evolution of the Porsche 911 Turbo since its introduction in 1975. The platforms on which the successive models of the 911 Turbo are exhibited are designed to rotate 90 degrees at a time so that each model can be compared from any angle.

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