Continuous both companies,”construction”is the top urban redevelopment, such as solid

In recent years, serious labor shortages and labor costs rising and weak consumption, such as domestic economy is still mottled you. Overseas turning to US-China trade disputes stemming from China and Europe economic slowdown, such as the future Outlook is increasingly uncertain and the domestic economy is optimistic the situation can not be continued to be said.

On the other hand in 2008 from 11 years,various steps to stimulate consumption and inbound demand for the acquisition of such a tailwind to corporate earnings to gradually recover,Japan’s economy is in gradual recovery and maintain. Stock prices 10 years ago compared to solid corporate results continued to maintain that.

6, the Teikoku data Bank is 19 years, 10 as a point of company description in the database from 16 year~18 year of earnings turns out to about 107 million 3000 companies,the latest 2 consecutive years”both”companies to aggregate and analyze the results announced.

According to the report,18 year(to 2018 4 month period to 2019 3 month period)results in 2 consecutive revenue and profit growth plays for a number of companies is 3 million 3000 the company said. Both companies and their percentage of the whole in both companies the rate of occurrence is 3. 07 percent.

Over the past 10 years in both number of companies see the transition as the transaction immediately after the 09 fiscal year is 1 million in 1388 the company was, but then the recovery trend remained at 14 in the fiscal year depreciation of the yen and foreign tourists the increase in the number of such positive overlap 3 million 7462 company record, then the various costs of increased natural disasters are frequent, such as by a gradual decline become a trend.

By industry, both the number of companies in the”construction business”is 9946 company at the top, the rate of occurrence is 3. 4 percent. The Urban Redevelopment demand and corporate capital expenditure increased as expected as mentioned.

Both companies appearance rate in”wholesale”is 3. 87%and the top in the number of companies 5952 companies have become. On the other hand, the”retail”1.49%,”service industry”3.05%, the”real estate”1.45%of the overall mean was below.

By Prefecture, both in the number of companies is”Tokyo”is 6728 companies at the top. The”Osaka” 3744 companies have become. On the other hand, the appearance rate is”Osaka”is 4. 69%at the top. The”Tokyo”is 4. 09%and the ranking is reversed. Also, the rate of occurrence in the 3-position of the”Shiga”3.70%and 4th place of”Okinawa”3.67%,the 5-position of”Kumamoto Prefecture”3.62%, such as local areas take.

14 fiscal year since both companies are on the decline,has already peaked out and the report is seen. The Tokyo Olympic Games in demand this fiscal year 19 the fiscal year of corporate performance such as the impact of future trends are. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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