Convenience management contractor’s bankruptcy,2 years an increase from the previous year 1. 7 times the Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank according to a survey by the management contractor of the number of bankruptcies is 2 years, increased only in 2005, and later the 2nd-most number of bankruptcies was found.

【Here】The elderly・care business in bankruptcy,4 years in a row of 100 beyond the record to Tokyo Shoko Research survey

■The 2nd-most number of bankruptcies

6, the Teikoku data Bank”convenience store management contractor bankruptcy trends survey”was announced. In 2019 and convenience store management contractor of the number of bankruptcies is 2 years, and 18 years of 24 cases from 17 was up 41 deals.

Total debt is down 3% year-over-year. 1%to 9 7 billion,800 million yen from the 2-year increase in the 17 years of the 15 billion 8,600 million yen for the 2nd consecutive year from 10 billion yen below. Debt scale, 41 reviews in 5,000 million yen less than the end 36,5, 000 million yen over 1 million yen less than 2 Day,1 billion yen over 5 billion yen less than 3 years, and small providers of bankruptcy for the majority of that.

■Small-scale providers of bankruptcies

05 years after the transition of to see, the number of bankruptcies is 17 years, 45 were in the 2nd highest number was. Moreover, total liabilities is 05 years 33 billion, but most often,06 the year to 22 billion 8,900 million, 07 year to 25 billion 900 million yen since the total debt is 20 billion yen more than years has not come out.

The debt scale is 5 billion yen more than more than bankruptcy is 05 years for 2 reviews is that also of of to 11, of 1. for the last out and the number of bankruptcies remain high, while the total debt is less and tend to be.

■Cumulative Kanto region is 140 to at most

Region the most of the Kanto area of 14 cases. The Kanto region is the most a tendency in the past as well as, while 4 years in a row of 10 that exceeds the number of bankruptcies was. The Central is 12 cases, Kinki is to 8, the Northeast is to # 3, Hokuriku and China, respectively, 2 reviews, Hokkaido, Shikoku, and Kyushu of the number of bankruptcies is zero. 05 in subsequent years total in the Kanto area of 170 at most,one in the Central of 81 cases, Kinki is 68 and continues to.

Business history in another, from 41 in less than 10 years about 18,more than 10 years less than 20 years and is and 11,20 years or more 30 years or less and 7 were more than 30 years but 5 cases. 05 Years Later business history more than 10 years less than 20 years and the number of bankruptcies is relatively more had,16 years since 4 years performance less than 10 years of the number of bankruptcies is the most many. [Article: Township, Changhua County momentum・The article list to look at]

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