Convenient enough to add “potera wrapper” support item “potera wrapper” for potatoes / Great results if you try other sweets

I like potato chips. I like to eat all the time if I can. Even if the devil asks for a contract that says, "I'll make you a millionaire instead of being unable to eat potato chips for a lifetime," you'll choose potato chips over wealth. I can't say it's absolute.

In any case, including the author, it seems that potato disorder is all over the country. In such an oily situation, a noteworthy item was released just the other day.Functions that are useful for eating while eating potatoesIt seems that it is equipped, but what kind of thing is it? I want to review it because I got it immediately.

The name of the product released on February 25, 2020 is "Potarapappa". According to the manufacturer, if you have this,You can eat potato chips while operating your smartphone, reading books, playing games, and keeping your hands clean."That's it.

In addition, PR has been promoted as "to boost the habit of eating while eating, which has taken root in modern times", and a very decadent sentence will tickle the heart of potato junkies.

The price is 858 yen at Amazon (as of February 27, 2020). As far as the package of the product arrived, it seems to be attached to a potato bag.

When you open the box,An object that looks like a large plastic bottle lidCame out.

This lid is attached to the end of the bag, crushes the potatoes, and seems to be the size of the trumpet. Therefore, it is a "potter wrapper". I can't deny the wild taste, but it certainly does not stain my hands. The product design was unlikely.

The lid can be disassembled,Upper pig, middle part, lower partDivided into Now, how should we attach this?

When I thought, the mounting method was written on the package without omission. If there is no explanation, there is a high possibility that you would have been in a pretty dazzling way, so it is safe.

So, let's try eating with "Potarapper". First, prepare the stored potatoes in an instant.

Next, remove the end of the potato bagHole with a diameter of about 5-6cmCut so that there is no space, and insert the lower part.

When that is done, squeeze the end of the bag so that there is no gap with the lower part …

Cover the middle part there,Joint like twisting the cap of a plastic bottleI do.

After closing the upper pig, installation is complete. It takes a while to get the hang of it, but it's easy once you get used to it.

As a result of installation, an unfamiliar appearance like a plastic tank was completed. My eyes are sucked in after a transformation.

However, I can't help just looking at it, so I eat potatoes.

After crushing from the top of the bag, pour it into the mouth through the “Potarapper”.

However, it does not flow easily. I wonder if the angle of holding the bag was loose, and tried to tilt it.



Does not flow.

Looking into the bag, it seemed that the potatoes had been caught inside. If you don't grind it very well, it will be difficult to eat smoothly.

So, without any resentment, after breaking the potatoes into pieces …

Start eating again. Then, this time it flowed smoothly. delicious. Potato is good. The moment you enter your mouth, you can only imagine that.

Ah …… Ume …… Potechi Ume …….

Real umeyo potato …

Potato Ume ….

After fully enjoying the posture of a carp eating food, you will realize the functionality of the Potterapper. this is good. Although there are some situations where they get caught, they can be eaten with one hand. Although it lacks texture than usual,A new sense of comfort that can be poured like drinking potatoesMake it forget.

Another point is that it has a lid.Keep your leftover food without spillingAnd if you go on the go with a "potter wrapper", you can expect success. I have a feeling that potato life will progress more and more.

By the way, this item, the manufacturer saysIt can be used not only for potatoes but also for various bag confectionsAnd that. I felt like that. We decided to try out the chocolate confectionery and peanut confectionery, and decided to try them with a “potter wrapper”.

I decided to try it …

Is it easier to eat than potatoes?

Both chocolate and peanut confections are much easier to eat than potatoes. It doesn't need to be crushed finely and flows smoothly without getting caught at all. It looks as if it was originally a tool for doing this.Isn't "potera wrapper" more suitable than potatoes?

At the end of the end, it turned out to be a rollback, but it is only an individual's impression, and as described aboveCertainly changed the way we treat potatoes. That point is solid. Whether for potatoes or other uses, it is an item that can be actively recommended.

If you are interested, please try it. I am willing to use it occasionally, but I'm a bit scared that it is going to be even worse. In a sense, "potter rappers" may also be demons that appeared before me. I hope my life will flow smoothly.

Source:Cyplus Co., Ltd. “Potarapper”,valuepress,Amazon
Report:Daiki Nishimoto
Photo: Rocketnews24.

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