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Introducing "Resume", an application that allows you to easily create a resume or job resume that is too cumbersome on your smartphone.

Easily create resumes and resumes with just one app!

Curriculum vitae and resumes that are essential for employment and job changes.
It's a little troublesome to go to buy, it is troublesome to fill in, and I make a mistake when I start writing.
It's a small thing, but it can be stressful if you stack up!
"Resume" can be easily created at home.

You can make a typo!

If you are writing your resume by handwriting, it is always a mistake to fill it out. Even if I have finished writing halfway
Everything is a bubble of water with one mistake… If you use "Resume", you can re-enter even if you make a mistake
Only the wrong place is OK! Time efficiency will be much better.

Do not struggle with your motivation!

The aspirational motive is waiting for the end of the resume. I wonder if some people stop here.
"Resume" has many example sentences, so it is sure to be helpful.

Since there are example sentences, you can reduce the burden and time to think.
I'm grateful that you don't have to search for reference texts online.
It can be applied to each industry and you can also refer to detailed expressions.

Job resume can also be resumed!

Resume is also difficult, but I often write sentences for work resumes, so there are inevitably many writing mistakes.
I think that the resume is finally over, and the second wall stands up…

Of course, "resume" is available!

Job summary? Experience that can be utilized? Self PR? It's easy because there are example sentences.

The images are job summaries, but examples of useful experiences and self-promotion are also provided.
It's helpful because there is an example sentence and you can proceed quickly.

Category is

  • Sales
  • Office/Planning
  • Service/Sales
  • creative
  • Consultant, finance, real estate
  • Softfare network
  • Electric/Electronic/Mechanical
  • Material/Food/Pharmaceutical/Welfare
  • Civil construction
  • Lecturer/technician

So, if you choose from a profession close to yourself, you can find example sentences that will be helpful.

Easy to print!

After finishing the entry, check the preview to make sure there are no mistakes.
Let's print

Print on a computer
→ You can send the file to your computer by email, so you can download it to your computer and print it!

Print at convenience store
convenience storeThere are some differences depending on the type, but in brief, select net print with the printer,
All you have to do is enter your reservation number or user number.


If you try it once, you will immediately feel the difference from handwriting.

If you are relieved even with a small amount of stress, you can relax and feel good.
If you are interested, why not try downloading it once?

resume ・Distributor: Recruit Co., Ltd.
・DL price at the time of publication: Free
・Category: Utilities
・Capacity: 50.2 MB
・Version: 5.1.6
*Capacity is maximum. It may be smaller depending on the model and other conditions.

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