Cookpad free “ Popular search '' function until March 15-as part of coronavirus measures

Cook pad is March 1,Cook padAnnounced that one of the premium service members' features, "Popular Search", will be released free of charge until March 15. The service for smartphones has already been launched, and the service for PCs will be launched on March 2.

措置 Measures were taken to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection [COVID-19] by introducing telecommuting from each company and requesting school closures for elementary, middle and high schools. In particular, in a home where childcare must be performed while working from home, the burden of housework including cooking is expected to increase more than usual. With more opportunities to eat at home, the company hopes to provide an environment where even one person can enjoy cooking.

"Popular search" open for free until March 15

"Popular search" open for free until March 15

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